Monday, November 30, 2009

May Allah Bless Her..

when I got back from class today..
as usual..
turning on d laptop..
checking out FB..
n all of a sudden..
poi gaik n siong yi's status..
a girl from my school..
named syikin..
has just passed away last nite..
even tho i didn't really know her..
she's a really great person..
n dey said it was 'buatan orang' (sorcery... black magic)
n only Allah knows how to pay d person responsible back..
May Allah bless dis girl..



Sunday, November 29, 2009


dont have d mood to update d blog recently...
maybe coz there's nothing much to be told about..
class class class..
classes demands me for being studious..
d only things i'm interested in are:

CHANGE! CHANGE! hit me a.s.a.p PLEASE!!

peoples only realizes d importance of certain something when d chance is gone..

its kinda sucks when everything does not fall into their places..

its sucks when people are sooooo damn selfish..
n apart from that.. they called others annoying..
n d fucking ignorant does not even notice dat d people they called annoying have effing help 'em a lot

i hate myself who doesn't really speaks her mind..
i hate myself who is too soft to be rude to peoples..
i hate myself who is perfectly fine when peoples used her..
i hate effing immature peoples who thinks they're effing mature n right..

urghh.. i'll spent a lot of money when i'm pissed..
n thanx for certain effing people..
I've spent a lot here..

I am effing missing Malaysia n my family

fuck off effing manipulated selfish ignorant!

p/s: pardon me for my rudeness.. dis is d only place where I can effing wrote wut i felt.. will update later with all d pics.. for my 1st bday in Bangalore.. my 1st raya in Bangalore.. my shopping goes berserk in Bangalore..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is nothing but.......

it has been like decades since i've last updated my blog..
i've been held back by various things..
studying.. (well.. to be honest.. i havent done d studying dat much.. in fact.. supposedly.. i'm studying now for tomorrow class)

have u guys got any idea on wut d hell does d title meant??
d phrase is actually kinda fave phrase of d lecturers here.. ( i think)
well.. for example..
during the dissection class..
we were shown parts of human body ( urghh.. hate d formalin stench)
d lecturer.. his/her speech would go like dis..
"d *sumthing* muscle is nothing but d muscle dat conducts.. bla bla bla"
(erkkk.. i suck in anatomy)

well.. its november..
surprisingly.. it has been a month since i lived on a foreign land called bangalore..
n d weather is getting colder.. chillier..
well.. its only around 20 degree..
but still..
its cold..
for me.. at least..

I really dunt have any idea wut am i going to do about myself..
i slept a lot in class..
its not dat i want to..
its like.. i can't keep myself from accidently dozed off in class..
i've taken my breakfast..
drink my horlicks..
taken my brands pill..
but still..

oooh.. owhhh.. i forgot..
did I mentioned dat dey told me dat a guy in our lecture is actually a model in his childhood..
but seriously..
i kinda doubt it..
model susu F&N??? which CF?? didnt ring any bell

ooooh.. here's a lil thing...
ok.. among my classmates.. there are 3 girls who are borned in November..
its farah izza, aida n ME!!
farah's Bday on d 10th
aida's on 11th
n me on 14th.. :D (seriously.. i'm not trying to promote my bday here.. hehehehe) ( huhu.. its my 22nd bday.. n i'm celebrating it in a foreign land) [huwaaaaaaa... 22 sound really old]
n soo..
ayin, sya, budi, anis, dee, bong planned a surprise for us..
(even though ayin is in a state dat if i myself is in her place.. i will not get out of my bed)

Thanx GurlZ!! u guys r d best!!

n soo..

Happy Birthday Farah Izza!!
Happy Birthday Aida!!

OMG!! i just remember.. its November!!
New Moon!!!

hurmm.. well.. i guess i'll wait until december to watch new moon in Malaysia..

yeay me!!
i'm going back to Malaysia dis 18th December..
u guys must say things like
" laaaa.. baru je pegi hr tuh.. dh nk blk msia.. x smpi setaun pn lagi"
hahaha.. like I care..
its december..
d best month for Shopping!!!
Mega Sale in Malaysia..
who would want to miss dat?!?!?!

n off course..
i want to spend time with my family.. ( i know u might say i'm lame.. but d heck i care)
i didnt had d chance d last 2 weeks b4 my flight..

hurmm.. ok.. gotta go n study forensic medicine..
(had practicals tomorrow.. forced to do so.. even though i really want to sleep now)

maybe i'll continue dis weekend..

n ooh.. Gossip Girl season 3..!! OMG!! its kinda nasty.. hahahaha

wish me d best of luck.. i have a test on Anaemia dis 17th nov..

n I've like to share sum vids with u guys.. ;p

Korean Military doing the Gee n Sorry Sorry

Park Bom form 2NE1 with her new single - You & I

Lee Min Ho Cass Beer CF with Dara form 2NE1
(huwaaaa..... min ho came to Malaysia when I've already in India.. Oppa.. Saranghae )


Saturday, October 24, 2009

in d land of Sarees, Chappati, briyani n many more..

OK.... it has been soooo long since i've last updated my blog..
sorry folks..
been bz rushing here n there..
doing this n that..
n guess what?!?!?!?!

I'm in BANGALORE , india now.. ;p

I came here on october 12th..
its kinda cold here..
totally different from Malaysia..
lurving d nice weather..
well off course..
there's no such country as good as Malaysia..

ok.. my update..
on d 29th september..
I had an orientation week..
at d Shah Alam's MSU campus..
I'm kinda pissed off actually..
just imagine.. my flight would be on d 11th..
n i had dat 'enjoyable' orientation from 29th until 2nd october..
n d next monday.. on 5th october..
i had to go for BTN until d 9th..
i only had like 2 or 3 days to spend with my family..

if u asked me wut i felt at dat moment..
i felt like an asswhole..
thinking of giving up MBBS already..

I couldn't even manage to meet up with my friends for d last time.. in d land of Malaysia

well.. for d BTN (biro tatanegara) course..
I kinda like d things dat they drilled us with for d whole week..
we were attending dat course with d guys n gir from UNISEL..
they are going to further their studies in Japan..
n i was like..
i wanna go to Japan..
I wanna go shopping in Shibuya..
I want to attend Gazette's gig there.. hehehehe..

hurmm.. Ika, Analhuda, Moon n Mus decided to backout from coming here..
its kinda sad..
reminiscing d old days with them..
here.. my friend and I are among d oldest student..

but off course..
as a Shopaholic..
when I landed in Bangalore..
I was thinking of finding d malls..
n when I went to d malls..
I kinda dissapointed actually..
all d items are expensive here..
can u imagine..
buying iron at d price of almost rm200..
a 50 ml edp j'adore dior almost cost rm500..
n I recalled dat in Malaysia..
a 100 ml edp j'adore dior only cost rm349

here.. its kinda different actually
during deepavali..
or they called it Diwali here..
they're still working..
d fireworks..
it felt like i'm in d Pirates of the Caribbean movie..
it was soooo damn LOUD..
u can just imagine as if u r in a war zone..

but.. d funny thing is..
I thought it was kinda hard to find food here..
n when I came here..
I was like..
kinda lurving d food..
n cant cotrolled myself..
bcoz its cold here..
n when d weather is cold..
people would get hungry..

d shoes here are not to my taste..
but d sarees n shwals here are cheap.. ;p
n dats where most of my money goes to..
so far.. i've bought 6 sarees n 6 shwals..
(i gave a shawl to Bong as I didnt bought her anything for her birthday)

I missed Sunway Pyramid..
I missed MidValley..
I missed my family..
I missed drving around my MYVi..
I missed watching midnite's movies..
I missed listening to FLY fm..
I missed lazying around..
I missed Malaysian dishes..

things are gonna get hectic..
things are gonna get tougher..
i have until 2014 here.. InsyaAllah..
i still couldn't get d hang of seeing d cadaver..
(i hate formalin.. it causes me a heaache n I kinda wanna puke with d smell)

well.. i didnt install d internet yet..
updating this blog n my facebook now..
is on Ayin's courtesy..
(they kinda stole someone else's line)

my Apartment is big..
lurves it..
if u want to imagine d surrounding..
its like living in d hindustan's or tamil's movies..
there's autorickshaw (my kinda formal transportation for d moment being.. thinking og buying myself a scooter later on)
there's non-stop honking on d road..
there's a lot of dust..
there's beggars..
but off course..
I'm a foreigner here..
I have to respect their customs..

Wish me d best of luck!

later on... I'll upload sum of d pictures.. ;p

new place..
new friends..
new situations..
new customs..
new rules..
new HOPES....


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!
my beloved Malaysia..

i am seriously proud to be a Malaysian..

but ashamed of those who tried to divide us Malaysians..

1 Malaysia.. united we stand.. divided we fall..

we have to keep believing n make dis works..

or else.. d new generations of Malaysians can't njoy d joy of living harmoniously together like today..

seriously.. wut makes Malaysia unique is our multicultural, multicolor culture dat brough us together.. standing tall n proud on our beloved land Malaysia..

Merdeka is not about d celebration..

n we cant just be so high-spirited bout it on 31st august..

Merdeka is about keeping our heads high while defending our beloved malaysia.. 24-7-365

well.. they do say kids understand it better..

maybe we should learn from them..

I'm lying if I say I'm dat patriotic 24-7-365

let us try hard to strive for it then! ;)

oook.. I think.. theres gonna be Mat Rempit.. speeding on d road beside my house.. hurmm..

dats one thing bout younger generation today..

when they think about merdeka..

for them..

Merdeka means.. partying.. boozing all night... n sum might have casual sex.. just bcoz its holiday.. n there's firework display..

hurmm.. wut can I say..

i dunt have d power to step up n say no to them..


today.. I made a corn pudding.. Ika's style..
n I think there's room for improvement..
but hey..
its my 1st time!
n its puasa.. n i can't taste..
so I think.. it turns out pretty good.. ;p

n today.. i got to eat kuih limas made by a family friend..
Yummm... there's really no other kuih limas can beat d kuih limas made by her..
owhh.. for those who doesn't know..
kuih limas is also known as kuih tepung pelita..

hahaha.. n out of curiosity of how my pudding would taste like..
i break my fast earlier then when d radio put on d azan..
n I was like..
but thank god dat i founf out l8r dat d radio always plays d azan a bit later than d actual berbuka time..

n now..
actually.. i've found out bout dis video last week..
but i forgot to post it..
n I'm sooooo in lurve with these 2 guys from Boys before flowers..
acting silly in dis new CFs..
my fave would be the 1st one..
n to all d BBF lovers out there.. njoy! ;p

hahahahaha.. even with those hairstyle n outfit.. they still ROCK!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ramadhan Bliss

Its d 6th day of fasting!
yeay me!

I just got back from Segamat.. my lovely Kampung..
(except dat its not dat kampung laa.. even my grandmom lives in a terrace house)
its been so long since I have last been in Segamat..
since my late granddad funeral dat is..
its almost 8 months..
but it felt like it was just yesterday..
time really do fly fast..

well.. I have not updated my blog as regularly..
one of d reason is..
I'm at home..
there's nothing interesting happen..
well.. there's few things dat could be interesting to be told..
but its not about me..
routined life..
sleep.. TV.. internet surfing..

ook.. last wednesday.. or is it Thursday?
(sorry.. i lost track of times when I'm at home)
there's an accident right in front of my house..
d Proton Saga turned 360 degrees and went over d divider n knocked down a lamp post..
fortunately.. no one's injured..
there's a guy ( although i might call him a boy) driving n a lady at d fron passenger seat..
d lady.. who is d mother of d driver told us dat d boy fell aslept while driving..
hello.....?! falling asleep while driving??
on a non-highway road? (hehehe... i forgot d terms)
well.. DRIVING 101...
please.. please.. please dont drive when u r obviously sleep deprived..
its d same thing as DUI ( driving under influence- beat it alcohol or drugs..
but seriously???
falling asleep while driving in d town??
dats seriously problematic dude..
if its on highway..
I get it..
but on d usual roads??

d car..

well.. maybe he's too caught up in sumthing d nite before..
but seriously..
d mother kept telling story about how good is her son..
if it was my parents..
they would never.. ever.. praise their own children in front of others..
instead.. d conversation would or might go like this..

"owhh.. anak I nih.. makan je kejenye.. tdo pon dasyat.. blaja.. lg laa mls" -mama
"owhh.. anak-anak I nih.. x de keje lain.. menghabiskan beras kt umah je" - mama
"owhh.. anak I nih.. keje die tgk drama korea ngan jepun je"- mama

dats my mom..
hurmm.. as for my dad..
lets see....
nope.. I couldn't even imagine wuts d point of him talking about his children to others..

AH HA...
almost forgot..
hehehe.. oook..
my dad told me to stop with d bragging..
hehehe.. d story goes like dis....
u know i was warded due to suspected case of h1n1 aight?!
n last friday.. my dad gave d GH director a call..
n asked about my test results..
n d result is.. my throat swab is +ve!!!
walao.. dat was a surprise..
n I was confident dat I'm -ve..
ok... dats a lesson..
never look down on any illnesses!!

Urghhhh.. n today.. Iba told us dat we have to attend d BTN from 5th-9th october..
hey.. wait a minute?!?!?!?!
dats total of 5 days?????
5 days????????????????????
I am sooooooooo not gonna like this..
going to BTN while raya..
n wasnt d date was supposed to be d DATE of our departure from Malaysia???

huhuhuhuhuhu.. oh where.. oh where.. could my baby be..
hehehe.. just a lyric of course..
who would be my baby??

haa.. recently..
I've always encounter a question dat.. me myself couldn't even answer..
wanna know wut it is?

"how come u have never have a boyfriend????"

n i was like..
WTFH kinda question is dat???
no one can ever answer question like dat..

n I seriously hope dat I could fast for d whole Rmadhan..
(well.. dat wish seems a lil' impossible for a muslim female..)
uh huh..
seriously.. dont u gurls think dat d shoes designs in Malaysia is a bit boring?!
I'm seriously in need of a shopping fix..
but d sad thing is..
I've got no money!!!
I'm BROKE!!!
I'm unemployed!!
huhuhuhu.. there's nothing else I could say.. eh.. eh.. ( hahaha.. another lyric quote.. WTH is wrong with me?? hahahahaha)

I really want a Nine West shoes for myself..
or a Jimmy Choo's perhaps?? (JC got shoes n bags too)
or a Coach tote bag perhaps??
keep on dreaming dreamer..

well.. heres sum random pics during my short vacation at Segamat..

well.. d kid in d blue shirt is my youngest cousin.. we call him Opal.. in d 3rd picture.. he was supposedly posing as a handsome hunk.. hehehe.. he's soo playful.. he poses as he like on his own.. d kid in green shirt is d 2nd youngest.. we call him Mamat.. n I seriously thinks dat he's gonna be one handsome guy when he grow up..

n now.. Parody Clip!!!
yeay.. who doesn't love parody?!?!
hehehe.. found this one parody done by a korean B-boy group.. 2pm..
they're doing the Abracadabra..
its soo damn hilarious..
they r acting like seriously sissy guys..
but just look at those arm muscles..
there's no way sissy guys would have those well-tone muscles..
d 1st vid would be d original clip by d Brown Eyed Girls..
d 2nd one is d parody.. Dirty Eyed Girls..

Happy Ramadhan!
n to all d non-muslims.. njoy d Bazaar Ramadhan food! :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5th day of Quarantine


as I said b4..
after i got back from d hospital last thursday..
my mom gave order to me..
strict self quarantine!
no getting out of the room..
n soo..
today is my 5th day..
n my mom say its gonna be d last day..
yeay me!

know wut i've been doing for d past 5 days in d room?!
manga reading..
blog walking..
reading all d gossips pages..
drama marathon..
just try being in my shoes..
u must be realllly dumbfounded n bored..

n as for d drama marathon..
I watched ISWAK (it started with a kiss) again!
n I am soooooo totally totally falling in lurve all over again with d drama..
super hot perfect genius.. who doesn't lurve d idea?

hehehehe.. n for youtubing..
as u guys might realise..
recently I am addicted to some of d Kpop hits..
particularly d girls group..
n especially 2NE1
just to name few..
SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Kara, 4 minute.. etc..
but definitely.. 2NE1 is my fave! yeay me!
yesterday.. after i gave up on finding d 2NE1 tv prog with subs..
I decide to watch d Abracadabra vid by BEG (brown-eyed-girls)
frankly speaking... I am not dat familiar with Kpop scene..
n soo.. I just try to check d BEG out..
n walao..
their new song is quite cool..
n with dat..
I just find dat..
swaying ur hips sideways while crossing ur arm looks totally COOL!
its like.. its sexy with extra coolness..
just check out d vids..

I used to be nice, soft and tender
but if I keep going crazy like this
youll change me into something bad
It is like I am a puppet to you
Ill remove the spell that you have put on me again
I beg you, beg you because she tears us apart
tears us apart
every night I feel with you
Do you love her?
Do you love her?
everyday I dream of you
do you love me?
do you love me?
bring, bring
i want to hold you in my arms
i will do anything and even more
bling bling
you are my fantasy
Ill put everything in stake to have you
I need to stop thinking about you
because I cant take it no more
in the name of God, why do you worry?
youre stuck in my heart!
its us in the torn picture,
and ill remove the spell youve put on me again
I beg you drop her
drop her
every night i feel with you
do you love her?
do you love her?
every day in my dreams
do you love me?
do you love me?
bring, bring
i want to hold you in my arms
i will do anything and even more
bling bling
you are my fantasy
Ill put everything on stake to have you
im the boo in the island
i do it for the sake for my plan to get you back
almost everyday you want to break up
my last step towards you
she holds your arm and she kisses your lips
and i hate it that you are in her imagination
in this spell i have the desire to hold you
abracadabra gone is all of this
Lets go
uh uhuhuh!
ha hahaha!
Ill remove this spell again
I`m like a supervisor
I control you, Im am the emperor
You cant get away from me
Bring, bring
I want to hold you in my arms
I will do anything and even more
Bling, bling
You are my fantasy, yeah
Ill put everything on stake to have you
I used to be nice, soft and tender,
but if I keep going crazy like this
Youll change me into something bad
I pretend to be cool
Im amazed by all of this
Pretending to leave and go meet someone

[d lyrics translation]

n after dat.. I check out d 2NE1's I dont care.. d remix version..
n I am tottally lurving it..
check out their performance here at music bank..

Hey playboy it's about time
and your time is up
I had to do this one for my girls you know?
sometimes you gotta act like you don't care
that's the only way you boys learn

I can't forgive the lipstick mark at the end of your shirt
The cell phone; which is turned off everyday
I don't think it will change oh oh

Ni ootgeeteh mooreun ribsutikeun naneun jordelo yongsomoteh
mehir harueh sooshipbun kkojyuheetneun hendupoon
byunhaji ahneurgotman gatah oh oh

The girlfriends you have, that you say are just friends
Don't think of me the same, I won't let it ride
Do whatever you want, I want to throw away
I did really love you at some point

gujoh chingooraneun soomangaeun yuhjachingoo
narddokgati senggakhajima I won't let it ride
eejeh nimamderohae nan miryuneur borirleh
handdeh jongmar saranghetneundeh

Sometimes you get drunk, and call in the early morning 5:30
You say some other girl's name no

gakkumshik sooreh choihe honhuargoroh jigeumeun sebyuk dasosshiban
non ddo darun yuhjaee eerumeur boorlo no

I don't care I want to stop whatever you're doing anywhere
I don't want to have interest anymore just move
Don't cry and hang on to me
Cause I don't care e e e e e e
Cause I don't care e e e e e e

I don't care gumanharle niga ohdiehso mor hadon
eejeh jongmar sangguan ahnharke bikyuhjoorleh
eejeh wah oorgoboorgo mehdarlijima
cause don't care e e e e e e
cause don't care e e e e e e

Cause I don't care e e e e e e
Cause I don't care e e e e e e
Boy I don't care

cause don't care e e e e e e
cause don't care e e e e e e
Boy I don't care

Stealing looks at other girl's legs
I think you're so pathetic
Taking off the couple ring everyday, going on a secret meeting without me knowing
I can't hold it in anymore oh oh oh

Darun yuhjaduree darirul hoomchyuboneun
niga nomo nomo hamshimheh
meheer bbehnohneun kopurling na morleh han sogehting
doeesang motchameurgotgatah oh oh oh

My friends who always say it's not you
You tried to persuade all your wolf like friends
For you, I'm too good, I want to let go with an easy heart
I believed you were my love oh oh

non jordeh ahniraneun soomaneun nayechingoo
non nukdehran chingoodeurggaji dairlyuhtjiman
charali horgaboonhe nohehgeh nan gua boonhe
neh sarangeera midohssneundeh oh oh

I called you just in case, because you said you were busy
Of course at the back I hear a girl laugh oh no

Oneurdo babbudago marhaneun no hokshina jonhwahehboatjiman
yukshi dduiehson yuhja euteusoriga deurlyuh oh no

I don't care I want to stop whatever you're doing anywhere
I don't want to have interest anymore just move
Don't cry and hang on to me
Cause I don't care e e e e e e
Cause I don't care e e e e e e

I don't care gumanharle niga ohdiehso mor hadon
eejeh jongmar sangguan ahnharke bikyuhjoorleh
eejeh wah oorgoboorgo mehdarlijima
cause don't care e e e e e e
cause don't care e e e e e e

Cause I don't care e e e e e e
Cause I don't care e e e e e e
Boy I don't care

cause don't care e e e e e e
cause don't care e e e e e e
Boy I don't care

I remember the night I cried because of you boy
My heart has gone easy thinking of you who will regret boy
Losing me is a waste but having me is so dull
You should have done better when I was there why are you hanging on

Nan nodeehmoeh oormyuh jisehdon bameur giokhe boy
do hooheihar nor senggakhani mamee suiohssneh boy
nor nohchigin ahkkabgo jatgiehn shishihajanhni
eeteurddeh jarhaji no wueh eejehwah mehdarlini

More than a hundred times I've been fooled with your lies
After today I'm a girl who makes guys cry bad girl
Now I smirk at you without one tear
Inside this lovegame loser
If you kneel, you can catch me
If not, get out of my sight

sokahjoon gojitmarmanhedo soobehkbon
oneur eehooro nan namja oorlineun bad girl
eejen noonmoor hanbangoor obtee nor biootoh
sarangeeran geeim sook loser
moorupkkorhgo jabeur soo itni
ahnim noon ahpehso dangjang kkojyuh

I don't care I want to stop whatever you're doing anywhere
I don't want to have interest anymore just move
Don't cry and hang on to me
cause I don't care e e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e e
Boy I don't care

I don't care gumanharle niga ohdiehso mor hadon
eejeh jongmar sangguan ahnharke bikyuhjoorleh
eejeh wah oorgoboorgo mehdarlijima
cause I don't care e e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e e
cause I don't care e e e e e e
Boy I don't care

n not forgetting d Gee girls :D SNSD.. or Girl's Generation..
with their songs Tell Me ur wish..
n to tell u d truth..
in my oppinion..
d vid clips for d song must be every boy's dream..
9 totally hot/cute girls telling u dat they r ur genie.. n ask u tto tell them ur wish..
pls.. for guys who watched d vids.. control ur imagination! ;p
but I decide to put their performance on music bank here...

turn it up, just turn it up
that's right, c'mon

ell me your wish.
tell me the little dreams in your heart
draw the ideal woman in your head
and look at me
i'm your genie, your dream, your genie

ride your dream car and race along
sit next to me
throw your everything into my enticement
even if your heart bursts and flies in the wind
in this moment, the world is yours

that's right, i love you. i always believe in you.
dreams and passions, i want to give them all to you
i'm a good luck goddess that wants (wants) to make your wish come true
tell me your wish (i'm genie for you, boy)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your wish)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your dream)
tell only me (i'm genie for your world)

tell me your wish
aren't you tired of boring days
are you buried in ordinary life
now stop and wake up
you're my superstar, shining star, superstar

to the trembling that's like the sound of a heart,
to the harley, entrust your body
now this world is a stage for just you
a wave like the sound of cheering
in my heart, i can feel your body heat
i'm your path, your biggest fan forever

that's right, i love you. i always believe in you.
dreams and passions, i want to give them all to you
i'm a good luck goddess that wants (wants) to make your wish come true
tell me your wish (i'm genie for you, boy)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your wish)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your dream)
tell only me (i'm genie for your world)
tell me your wish

DJ, put it back on

that's right, i love you. i always believe in you.
dreams and passions, i want to give them all to you
i'm a good luck goddess that wants (wants) to make your wish come true
tell me your wish

i love you, you're my music
i love you, you're my happiness
i love you, i want to be your goodluck charm
(tell me all of your fantasies without hiding anything
i'm a genie, i'll show you the way
tell me all of your wishes without hiding anything
your genie, i'll listen to them all)

tell me your wish (i'm genie for you, boy)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your wish)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your dream)
tell only me (i'm genie for your world)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for you, boy)
tell me your wish (i'm genie for your wish)

tell me your wish

[d lyrics translation]

FYI.. i did not translate d lyrics myself.. :D
n I just saw a sneak peek of Gossip Girl season 3..
Carter baizen caused Serena to popped her twins! wardrobe malfunction for a socialite in d middle of NY! every socialite's nitemare.. (^o^)
n I just can't wait for d 3rd season of GG..
well..14th September d date to be remembered..
I'm craving for my shopping now..
but d H1N1 scenarion in Malaysia is getting serious now..
n yes.. I am damn jealous of those who can go to d MTV world stage.. :(

owhh.. I forgot.. dis Saturday.. Insyaallah.. d Ramadhan month will start..
once again.. d serenity of d fasting month come to us..
oohh... need to find a way.. to lose weight fast!
maybe.. just maybe..
nite exercising after all d terawikh?!
( if.. I'm not dat rajin to go to terawikh.. *wink*... will try to though)

Selamat Berpuasa Everyone!


Monday, August 17, 2009

funny H1N1 moment

a friend of mine posted dis vid at facebook..
n its just damn hillarious..
d vid is from Nobody by Wonder Girls..
n i dunno who create dis.. I think it must be singaporean or malaysian..
Its damn funny.. ;p


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Influenza A H1N1

as i watched today's news.. the total death poll in Malaysia due to H1N1 case has rise to 59.
n most of the lethal cases are caused by the complications of other disease or problems like obese, asthma n heart disease..

n as some of my friends have been informed..
last tuesday midnite..
I was admitted to d Ipoh GH..
due to the suspected case of H1n1..
my fever manifested on tuesday evening.. just after I got back from the Deans List ceremony in Shah Alam..
at nite.. my mom insisted me to go to the Pantai Putri hospital for a checkup..
n as soon as i arrived..
they put my case on urgent..
n d doctor saod dat i've to be admitted..
there's no bed available at Pantai Putri..
n so I was admitted to GH on midnite..

urghhh.. d experience.. being warded..
is sooo not an enjoyable moment..
d isolation ward allows no visitor..
n they are co-ed.. i mean.. there's female n male in d ward! we also have to share toilets!
n on d nite when I was admitted..
they dunt even switch on d fan!
n d doors/windows r closed too...!
i asked d nurses if the fan cannot be switched on..
all they said is..
"sorry.. we can't switch it on.. it's an order"
n i was sweating like a 'pig'
my bed was wet due to my sweats...

n on d next morning.. during d ward round.. d dcotor realsie dat all d patients are sweating like crazy...
n asked d nurse why d fan are switched off..
n d nurse says cannot..
n d doctor just said..
"which idiot says dat?"
(sekejap je pon dpt kipas.. lps tuh tutup blk... sbb ade patients dmm.. sejuk)

hurmm.. i was bored to death..
no visitors allowed..
no TV..
no everything..
luckily.. my friends texted me.. n dats wut kept me from being insane by doing nothing..
thanks guys!

n pity my mom..
she was like..
driving back n forth to d hospital..
my dad has n exam today (saturday)
n soo... he cant really help...

a lil token.. hahahaha

haa.. I forgot.. at d time i was admitted on d tuesday midnite ( or is it wednesday midnite?!)
there's one patients dies in d ward..
i dare not to see (takut melekat badi.. dh laa tgh sakit2)

hurmm.. n now.. i was in self quarantine.. believe it or not.. it has been almost 3 days.. since i went out from my room..
I was like... bored to d point where I slept for almost 12 hours a day..

n today was d MTV world stage day..! :(


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG! MTV world stage live in Malaysia!

i soooooo desperately want to go to the event..
i actually got dis email from MTV n youthsays bout dis event about last 2 weeks..
n I was like..
Kasabian? All American Rejects? Hoobastank? Boys like Girls? Pixie Lott? is coming to Malaysia.
n after d disappointment by the sunburst event dis year..
I was like soooo in need in a good fix of one hella good concert..
n its on 15th August..
common.. wuts bette way to celebrate my graduation?!
owhh.. I forgot to tell u guys bout it..
finally.. last thursday..
yeay me!

I know.. I know..
it sounds a bit childish..
d heck.. I lurve Concerts..

n so.. d desperate me.. went on goggling bout d event..
n... tadaa...
there's a guy named bryan who wants to give out his red zone passes because he already got d mosh pit passes..
he went to the curve for it..
n I was like.. how could i forget bout it??
I guess all d pindah rumah thingy have gotten me soo bz..
I was like..
OMG! dis guy's like a saviour..
check out his blog/ost bout it -->
although he only gave out one passes..
wut a cool dude..
n he got to take pic with VJ denise..
hahahaha.. only my sis would know how i like her..
well.. back then.. during the Good Charlotte MTV concert in Malaysia..
VJ Utt n Denise really rocked d stage with their quirky attitude..

n I've entered d contest on MTV..
i dunno whether I can get d passes or not..
I really really really wanna go..
n if possible with my gila2 thingy mate.. buddy n barb..

btw.. about my graduation..
I always suck at saying goodbyes..
I almost shed tears saying goodbyes to Seroja n my friends..
went home on d saturday at bout 7 pm..
n reached ipoh at bout 9 pm..
d day b4 i went back to my hometown..
have a nite outing with ayin, buddy, n efi..
w watched the proposal at Sunway..

OMG Sunway! dats where d MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is gonna be held..

ok.. peace out.. ;p


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It isn't too late

For those who know me..

I may be just an insignificant others or
I may be just useful for certain things or
I may be just a person who can be manipulated or
I may be d person who is bad tempered or
I may be a girl who bitch around when she's mad or
I may be an overemotional girl or
I may be just the girl who owns d 1st PDA in my prep college or
I may be just d girl whose mood change is unpredictable when d time comes or
I may be just d girl who tried to help other with all her might or
I may just be d unattractive girl who speaks a lot or
I may just be d girl who you can looked at & laughed at or
I may be ur friends or
I may be ur bff or
I may be ur problem solver or
I may be ur loyal listener or
I may be d girl who just pissed u guys n girls off..

all I want to say is..
I'm Sorry for all dat I've done..
n may u guys remember me as a good person who lurves to help peoples.. (^o^)v


Monday, July 27, 2009

100th... so many things to say.. so many things to do

Yeay.. its my 100th entry!

although it seems like forever since i last updated my blog..
pardon me for dat ;)
been bz doing nothing.. hehehehe..
na ah.. just not in d mood to update my blog recently..

hehehe... oook.. since i just realise dat dis week is my last week at shah alam..
i started to reminisce bout d 3 years i have been staying in shah alam in pursuing my degree in biomedicine at d BELOVED MSU.. ;p

so.. dis post might be a lil' long n may be full unimportants events..
anyhoo.. its my blog.. n i'd do anything i like with it.. (^0^)v

ok.. first n foremost.. a lil story on my trip to PD last 2 weeks..
on a fine saturday, 11th of july 2009, together with analhuda, ayin blonde, sya, farra bong n aida blonde jr.. d six of us departed from seroja heading to analhuda's sis, kak mal house..
there.. we hang out for a while..
then at about 12pm we head for PD..
at about 2.30pm.. walaa.. we reached PD..
n we screamed in d car for d beautiful seas n beaches..
n with lots of activities..
beach hangout..
swimming pool..
we went back to Shah Alam on Sunday.. d next day..
fewh.. it was damn tiring n exhausting..
but one hella good weekend getaway.. :D
ok.. dats bout PD..

then.. on 14th july 2009..
yeay me!
its d last day for our attachment..
hehe.. it may sound a lil exaggerating..
but.. seriously.. 2 weeks of attachment at IPR.. is really tiring..
hahaha.. n d activities done wasnt even close to real life chores or work..

n finally.. i can go on my shopping spree.. ;p
mega sale carnival babe...
n off we went on thursday in d same week we finished attachment.. to Midvalley
although i havent done much shopping..
i manage to bought myself a pair of CK jeans!
n guess how much is it.. its only rm50..
ok ok.. i got it at d FOS..
fine.. it might be rejected..
but hell.. its still CK..
n in my size!
(well.. its a lil difficult to find a perfectly fitted jeans for me)
even tho its a bit big..
well.. i can always wear belt..
n on dat particular nite..
i went to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince at sunway..
fewh.. largest cinema i've entered and its full house..

n after dat.. on d following weeks.. we were supposed to have 'intensive' class..
n from d rumours...
we might have to be in class from morning till night..
n all in all..
wut did u expect from M*U..
we only have 2 hours of class each n everyday..
n yesterday.. i caught a fever.. with S.O.B (shortness of breath n not SON OF A B***H) ;p
n dis evening.. d management told us dat we have to empty d house by 31st july..
its dis friday.. hurmm..
so i guess.. lots of works needed to sort out my books, clothes, shoes, n everything else!

ook.. now.. my 3 years in Shah Alam..
on august 2006..
arrived in Shah Alam n register at KUTPM..
n so.. i was placed at d seroja apartment..
tears of joy.. tears of everything..
throughout d 3 years..
n I developed a new -holic..
n I kinda notty being on my own here..
not dat NOTTY laa..
just.. staying out late at nite..
going here n there..
hahaha.. at home.. our curfew is at 7pm.. hehehe
I know.. its childish..
but wut to do..
my parents a bit conservative when it comes to curfew..
hehehe.. its good actually..

n OMG!
my shopping in KL..
my movie marathon...
after dis...
need to drive to kl for almost 2 hours if i wanna hang out in KL..
no more midnite movies..
no more having fun with friends at nite..
(hahaha.. if my parents read dis.. they'll say - "bertuah punye anak")

i also went to my 1st international artist concerts during my years in shah alam..
Good Charlotte's MTV concert in 2007 :)

Gosh.. i sound like an old geezer reminiscing bout life.. hehehehe

d trip on 2007 to lenggong..
a hell lotta fun with all d guys n girls..
n i just cant forget about Udzair when he was thrown off his kayak..
his panicking..
hahahaha.. hillarious..

d 15 minutes dat we supposed to perform for d music subject..
hahahahaha... wickedly hillarious n foolish..

larian suke suki..
FHLS day..
mentor mentee BBQ day..
picnic at sungai congkak..
doing thesis for only 3 months..
n everything else..
may we be in contact always..
[hahahaha.. kawen jgn x jemput..]
we may or may not see again..
wut important is..
may all d hardships dat we endured during our years in MSU teaches us to be wiser..
all d experiences will help us later on in our life..
as d old saying goes..
history may repeat itself..

OMG... how am I going to hide my shoes (which might total up to 10++ pairs) from my mom when i brought them back???


Monday, July 20, 2009

Timetable for MARA peeps

slm. jadual klas for now is as below. any changes ms akan inform

21/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Karim)
22/7 - 3-5pm (Abdul Hameed)
23/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Sairah)
28/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Sai Bdo Radman)
29/7 - 3-5pm (Dr Fatma)
30/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Ammar)

klas sume kat hall f.

xcaye jadual neh tgk sndiri kat fac. tlg bgtau yg len2. sbrg ptanyaan mls dilyn (bg laa aku break. xsehat neh~ T_T) kthnxbyh

[as forwarded from Ika-Kaichou sama]


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FYI.. MARA peeps.. take axn

D message below is as forwarded form Ika-Kaichou- sama

tuk internship IPR kne wat repot, due date 22/7/09 (anta lambat deduc markah)
4.List of Averbatn
5. Chaptr 1. Intro to IPR (citer la akemende IPR tuh, history, misi, visi, bla3~) 2-infinity. Department2 dah pi (repot la ape procedure wat kat situ & discuss skali)
6. Conclusn & Recomendtn
cov: kuning, atas tulis IPR pnoh2, line bwh tulis "Internship Report" tgh2 pg tarok name, ID & course (bach in BM) bwh skali tulis MSU pnoh2
nnt ade presentation individual. present je la kes korg

lecture akan start 20/7/09

tuk tesis, sape yg xmo anta hard cover buat surat rayuan to timb dekan melalui ktue jabatan. kate la xmampu, duit dh xmasuk dh, bla3~ sediekan senarai name sape2 yg berkenaan (ni kire nak ty la sape yg boleh tlg wat surat nih pastu yg lain2 bg name & blanje tukang buat surat, k? )

tu je takat nih & ms pesan kalo nk slamat, dok diam2 dulu kat s.alam (sape2 yg tau citer tau la kot ape aku ckp)

tlg bgtau yg lain. kthnxbyh~

p/s: cant update d PD vacation coz didnt have d pics yet


Monday, July 13, 2009


I just lurves how this Korean girl group perform on stage..
They are called 2NE1..
They are very energetic n charismatic..


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hahahaha.. d title is sooo not suitable for everyday speaking language..
ok.. just got back from a lil weekend getaway in PD..
went with Ayin Blonde, Sya, Farra Bong, Aida, Analhuda n analhuda's sister's family..
went there yesterday..
we rent a room in Tiara Beach Resort..
n now I was exhausted n tired like hell..
so.. i'm off to my bed now..
d update on d trip may be posted on d next post..
damn.. tomorrow have to go to IPR early in d morning..


Friday, July 3, 2009

Salute to Adults!

finally... its weekend!!!
gosh.. d attachment thingy is soo damn tiring us out..
physically & mentally..
n dats not we're not even working yet!
at dis point..
I really salute all the adults out there who works their arse off to earn a living..!!
are we too lazy..?!?!
I guess..
well.. maybe its because.. we're not dat ready yet..
n all of a sudden..
we were asked thousands of things..
dat seems to be spoken in an 'alien' language..
n d thing is..
we have studied all those things..
n now..
I'm wondering whether my attitude is good enough to be a good physician..
n whether it is good enough to survive studying medic for another 4 and a half years..

OK.. another thing is..
Ayin (my sis... not Ayin d Blonde, my classmate :D) has posted a post on her blog about her appearing on a TV show..
where she n her friends (my juniors at school - signed by ketue agame yg hampeh.. hahahaha) accidentally went on a snorkelling trip with Yuna n her band mates..
n soo.. ayin n her friends appear for a mere minutes in the show..
click HERE for her post n she posted d vids there..
hahahaha.. I can actually hear her voice.. shouting n screaming to her friends.. babbling..
buat kecoh x hbs at d background while d guys are filming Yuna while they were snorkelling..
n in case u might be wondering which girl is my sis..
dunt bother to look for a girl who resembles me..
cause she looked tottally different from me..
people will describe us like d dialogs below..

A: which of d sisters is nida n ayin?
B:owhh.. dats easy.. d not soo good looking one is nida.. n d good looking one is ayin
C: well.. u can also said dat.. nida have mate sepet.. ayin mate besaq (muahahahaha)
D: d fun one is ayin.. d boring one is nieda
E: d bubbly one is ayin.. d gloomy one is nieda

hahaha.. d dialogs may help.. but usually.. people just dont have d interest to ask 'who's nida'.. n problem solved! n they didn't even know or remember me pon.. hahahahaha :D

as for me.. nothing interesting happen..
work.. work.. work..
life starts at 5.40am everyday..
(except for weekend - yeay me.. I can tdo puas2 tonite!)
hurmm.. zzzzZZZZZzzzzz


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Excusez Moi..

couldn't update my blog as regularly..
doing attachment at d Institut Perubatan Respiratori (IPR)..
formelry.. it is known as Pusat TB negara..
Goshh.. felt sooo stupid being among all d doctors n specialist..
n dis morning..
which is d 2nd day of my attachment..
we were divided into groups..
n then we would rotate n take turn to go to d place where we were assigned n supposedly learn everything dat we can..
d pengarah of IPR is really charismatic and eager to teach us everything..
shes a VERY good doctor..
seriously.. I mean it..
she doesn't belittle those who r below her..
she treats them with respect..
n she puts d patient's 1st above everything..

ok.. then.. today..
my group was assigned to d outpatient clinic..
n today is TB day..
I was assigned in Dr. Rupinder's room...
She's pretty.. even though she's 7 month pregnant..
its a pity dat i'm not dat friendly and bubbly..
I dunt know how to start a conversation with her..
n so.. she teached me everyhting about TB..
n asked me everything bout TB..
hahahaha.. silly me...
I couldn't answer anything..
dats how dense am I..
hahahaha.. silly nieda..

ok.. for 2 weeks.. we have to get ready by 6.40 am..
(dats quite hard for us ocz we used to have class earliest at 8am n we could just make it to class if we woke up at 7..)
then.. went back at 5pm..
may probably reached seroja at about 6pm..
n at nite..
dinner.. n doing sum revision..

haa.. n at d end of d attachment..
we have to present a case to Datin Dr Hajah Aziah.. (d pengarah)
which is quite a challenge..
coz she's d examinar for medical undergrad n postgrad at UK, Malaysia.. etc..
gosh... dat really is challenging.. d bar is quite high..
wish us luck.. :)

p/s: most probably.. if all of us undergone d Mantoux test (sum kind of a skin test to check TB).. we will be +ve.. but d doctors said its just an infection dat will not cause disease :D


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Irony much?!

and now.. effing Uni told us dat we're gonna have our practical next week..
n I was just planning on going suimwhere for a lil' vacation..
goodbye sandy beaches..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pardon my French....

as Sya has commented on d previous post..
It has been quite some time since i have last updated my blog..
being at home..
seriously.. lazy... couch potato.. extreme sedentary lifestyle..
(well.. except for ironing a bucket of schools uniforms, cooking for Iyman, running from Comot)

ok.. d thing is... last monday..
as my previous post has explained..
we were 'given' a week of break..
waiting for d confirmation for our community medicine thingy..
then.. Miss Halijah told us to just get some rest and she's updated our status on next tuesday (meaning yesterday)
n then she told us dat..
we're going to attend our BTN session dis 30th June.. (Gosh.... how I hated all those thingys)
dat means..
another 2 weeks of holidays!!
yeay me!

Bloody Hell...
dat means we're going to have our community medicine after dat..
I'm just hoping dat its not gonna be on mid august..
cause Its fasting month...
n I think..
Jempol's weather is quite 'warm'
or should I just say..
Its freakin' HOT'

n one more thing..
I left one of my house of night series book in shah alam..
n now.. I'm searching for d 4th book..
maybe I can bring ayin to KL dis weekend (she's always bothering me with d questions.. - nieda.. jom laa g shopping- she's on a month break after 6 months of practical duty)
n on d way back.. I can drop by my house in shah alam.. n get d book :)
well.. it sounds like a pretty good Idea..

wanna know my itinerary for d break?
9-10 am: wake up n smell d coffee ( or should I say smell d car's fume as my house is on d side of quite d main road)
2 pm : pick Iyman from school
after taking my bath right after waking up... I pretty much do nothing..
except for being a total couch potato..
well.. maybe.. If my friends plan sum vacation..
It would be different
[hahahahaha.. notes to buddy, ayin, sya, yin, my housemates, my schoolmates.... pls pls pls pls plan sum vacation where we can go together :)]

hehehehehe.. my blabbering seems to go on and on..
last 2 saturdays.. I've been to deq lah's wedding..
damn.. she's pretty.. :)
click HERE for d pretty pics of Deq Lah.. n not soo pretty pics of me :)
btw.. ayin, dee, iba n zahier also come with me to d wedding..

Then.. on last 2 sundays..
I went to my cousin's wedding (Anas' wedding)
went there with Kak Eyda (met aery at Klang.. n convoy with him as I dunt know d way to Tanjung Karang)
n made a foolf of myself in front of aery's wife..
only met Kausar for a lil while..
well.. we sorta arrived there quite late..
n Kausar n her family are already leaving when we reached there..
hehehe.. later Kausar.. we can meet n have a long chat or gossip... perhaps :)
n gosh.. Atan's kid.. is sooooo damn hillarious..
Hakim precisely..
he's really d kind of kids dat make u wanna laugh..
n he called me kakak instead of aunty..
(hahahahaha... Ejan.. dunt be jealous ok!)

I think..
Comot is daydreaming to be a model..
he likes to pose for sure..

look at the way how Comot's pose(or he might just be sooo bored coz he cant go out n find his gf)

n we were just laughing watching his acts..


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fanmade New Moon Trailer

Just freakin' lurve dis fanmade new moon trailer..
really explains a lot..


Effing Uni

Ika: ketahuilah bahawasanya trip ke pusat respiratory TAK JADI... So sape2 nak balik, SILE2 (aku nk buno dt gani neh! D<)
[ika's agony message thru YM]

Effing Managing Retarded Uni..
Kalau x..
boleh dh pegi cuti kat kuantan ngan terengganu dh siap..
ngan my whole family plak..
dah laa sekarang susah nk meetup with d whole family..


just use ur imagination of wut I had blurted out as above.. [18PL]

Like Hell..
I've wasted my whole week waiting for those stupid f****** retarded answers

nak balik hr nih??
hari nih dh hr khamis...
dah tu.. Effing Uni kate isnin ade briefing on nk pegi Jempol..
ntah ade ntah x...

membazir seminggu untuk Uni yg x gune..
B$@$ sungguh..

p/s: pardon me for d rude language.. just cant contain d f****** anger over d f****** uni anymore..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Skechers & Me...

I think....
I have d same problem as Becky Bloomwood..
but not as chronic as her..
for today only..
I've spent almost RM400++ for my shopping..
Gosh.. n during d economy crisis summore..

Hey.. I'm not buying anything useless..
I'm buying myself a confortable 'mary-jane' shoes from skechers..
n I've been longing to buy one of those shoes since like forever..
n d shoes are discounted at 10%..
It's quite a good bargain.. no?
n I've been searching for a comfortable shoes..
(its been long.. since I've been buying all those heels dat looks good but tormenting)
(hahahaha.. d price dat women have to pay to look good)
well.. It looks quite feminine n have d 'formal' look..
So.. I can wear it to classes, work, lab...
n although d shoes cost hundreds..
It's durable.. n long lasting (according to friends with Skechers shoes)..

the shoes dat i actually bought.. maybe it doesn't look dat pretty.. but its damn comfortable

the shoes dat i've tried on.. (hahahaha.. kasut mahal.. mesti laa cube habis-habisan)
[salesman siap gelak je bile tgk orang jakun nih tangkap gambar.. siap ckp- 'trima kasih kak.. lain kali datang lagi.. cube banyak2 pon takpe]

Then.. I bought Deq Lah's wedding present..
I wouldn't say d price here..

bought d 1st n 2nd installment of the 'House of Night' series..
intended to bought all 4 of them (accidently bought d 5th book first)
but just realised..
'ehh.. present deq lah x beli lagi'
buying sum socks.. etc.. etc (couldn't say it here... hahahaha)
n.. I hope.. all d 'investments' today is worth it..
Please... Please..
restrain me from shopping for another 2 months.. ('',)v


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon

just can't wait for d movie to came out
i know..
i prefer d book then d movie..
its addicting..
RobPat is soooo addictive..
Vampire is sooooo addictive..


Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazingly beautiful

u guys n gals out there should watch dis video..
its.. amazing at how d guy do d sand painting..
watching it was like watching a movie..
gosh.. damn beautiful..
enough with d talking..
just watch n comment bout it..

n d clip below shows Hee Chul of Super Junior 1st attempt on Sand Painting..
previously.. he's a comic artist..
he's quite good..


Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last wednesday..
d class for community medicine has started..
n i was late for d 1st class..

When I enter d room..
I was like..
OMG! a foreign guy- doctor-lecturer
I was like.. gosh.. he must be mad for d tardiness..
as I know Malaysians is very well known for their tardiness..

Than god.. he was cool about it..
n he's from Iraq..
quite good looking..
n speaking with an American accent..
all d other girls were like 'Head Over Heels' for him..
I'm not..

hahahahaha.. guess I have d soft spot for d Blond hair guys n japanese n korean guys..
n d doctor wasn't blond haired.. neither japanese nor korean..
I have to admit..
he got the 'look'
does not really define d 'tall, dark & handsome' cliche
but.. he's definitely tall n handsome..
Click HERE to see d pic dat a friend of mine took of him secretly n post it up in her blog

I finished reading the other side of the story last tuesday..
Its interesting..
coz it had d stories of 3 girls in it..
n eventually..
dis 3 girls are related to each other in sort of a funny way..
My faves is Gemma's
Its hillarious at how she imagined things..
n now.. I was trying to finish the Dead Until Dark Book..
d first installment to d Sookie Stackhouse vampire stories..

n yesterday..
at last..
We had been confirmed of our studies status..
if our CGPA passed the 3.00 pointer..
we will be flew to IMS..
d offshore branch of MSU in Bangalore..
within this coming 2nd to 4th October
n so.. we're going to have to study for another 4 and a half year there..

fewh.. 4 and a half years..
dats quite a long period..
n Prof Asbi..
our dean.. tells us dat MSU is also going to do D MBBS programme in Malaysia..
I was like..
hey.. if in Malaysia..
I wont hesitate to study for another 4 and 1/2 years..
but.. d dean said.. d place has already been filled up..
i was like..
oww man...
4 n 1/2 years in overseas..
is not soooo enjoyable..
fine.. laugh at me..
I know most of peeps would say..
WTH.. just fly laa.. u have d chance..
oww man..

n after doing a rough calculation..
I'm going to have my mbbs when I'm 27/28
n certify to become a medical doctor when I'm 30
d numbers really make me doubt..
oww man..
i'm only going to earn my money when I'm 30..
d number sounds soooo old to me..
n my mom was like..
'jangan risau laa pasal kawen tu sume'
I was like..
I'm not worrying bout dat..
coz i myself realise dat d chances of me to be an ANDARTU is quite high.. (looking at d family hystory)
its just dat..
I tot I'm going to have a stable work n income n have quite lots of money when I'm 30..

deq lah's wedding invitation card hasn't arrived yet..
d ceremony's going to be held next week..
maybe she's too busy n forgot bout it..
guess I'll just call her later bout d venue..
congrats Deq Lah!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Crush(es)

OK.. lastfriday nite.. watched Night at the museum: battle of the smithsonian..
Its wickedly hillarious..
except for noisy cinema crowd..
n unpleasant smell
overall.. I enjoyed d movie..

Then.. last saturday.. was oding nothing..
Last sunday.. went to jusco bukit tinggi..
n intended to catch d push which have dakota fanning in it..
unfortunately.. Push wasn't played there..
so.. we decided to watch StarTrek..
n it was 10.45pm show..
just imagine..
we were like.. there for almost 12 hours..
analhuda n aida done sum serious shopping..
I didnt get anything for myself..
except 2 novels..
-Hunted [house of d night series] by P.C Cast
-Dark until Dead
n StarTrek is surprisingly entertaining

I admit it..
its another vampirish themed novels..
d heck.. I lurve those kind of things..

n yesterday..
I fasted for unsure reason..
n went to Eiman's Tomyam for berbuka..
d foods and ambience is quite nice..

uh huh.. n buddy recommended to me a book.. about 600+ pages..
The Other Side of the Story written by Marian Keyes..
its wickedly interesting..

hahahaha.. wuts with me n d 'wicked' words?
hahahaha.. guess.. I just cant wait for HP 6th movie installment to come out..

received yet another not so pleasing news..
were going throunf a nother week of crash course class..
most probably.. next week..
we're going to hospital Jempol, Negri Sembilan for our community medicine..
n d worst thing is..
its gonna be a whole month!!
a whole month living in a hostel!!

Gosh.. I hate staying in hostels..

btw.. while I was reading d novel dat buddy lent me..
I was thinking of doing a post about My Crush (es)..
hahaha.. yeah.. noticed the -> (es)
I have lots of crushes..

here's d LIST:
1. Takuya Kimura
2. Chad Michael Murray
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Takashi Sorimachi
5. Hideaki Takizawa
6. Tamaki Hiroshi
7. Hyde / hideto takarai
8. Gackt / Kamui Gakuto
9. Ruki of The GazettE
10. Kai of The GazettE
11. Uruha of The GazettE
12. Lee Min Ho
13. Bi Rain
14. Orlando Bloom
15. Johnny Depp
16. Tom Cruise
17. My Math's Lecturer in KMPk
18. A guy who is soo polite during d newspaper event in KMPk
19. A senior in my college
20. Ben Barnes
21. Robert Pattinson

well.. there's a lot more.. but I couldn't remember it.. hahahahahaha..
I forgot..

Finally.. I finished d Gossip Girl season 2!!
yeay me!!
kinda lurving d finale..
hahaha.. n seriously cant waith for d new season..

how is B going to react when she realises G is her new dormmate in NYU..
are D n S going to meet their long lost brother?
does L n R really ties d knot?
is lil' J really going to be d good arse Constance Queen?
how is B n C relationship going?
are N n V going to rekindles their relationship?
is d GG going to be more vicious dat they are in college now?
is S going to find he real father?

well.. its all remained a s questions until d new season came out..

my throats are killing me.. n I sumtimes croaked.. gosh..



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crime Scene

Mother, child and maid murdered by robbers, one fleeing suspect caught
IPOH, Wed:

A hair saloon owner, her five-year-old son and her maid were brutally murdered by two robbers at their single-storey corner-lot house in Taman Pinji Seni in Ipoh at 2.45pm today. However, one of the robbers, a 26-year-old suspected drug addict with a long criminal record, was nabbed minutes by a friend of the victims who happened to be nearby.

The victims have been idenitifed as Wah Ya Matzi, 42, Ermin Denish, five, and Indonesian maid only known as Dani, 18.

The bodies have been sent to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital for a post-mortem. They suffered stab and slash wounds. A knife was recovered from the scene.

Three other children, two girls and a boy, and Wah Ya's husband, Jaffri Tajul Aripin, 47, a bank officer, was not in the house during the crime.

Family members were too distraught to speak to the Press. The terrace house is located on a corner lot and there are few shophouses not far from the house.
An employee and an old friend of the saloon owner, Hasnida Ibrahim, 37, said: "I last saw my boss when she brought home cooked food for the employees at the saloon and left home."

"She just sold her saloon at Yik Foong shopping complex a few days ago and was in the midst of shifitng her things to another saloon which had been operating for some time in Greentown."

Another worker, Mohd Zaid Tajuddin, 27, "my boss was in her usual self and was a happy go lucky person...we are all shocked by the murder."

Perak Police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said the suspect was under the influence of drugs and had previous criminal record when he committed the murder-robbery at 2.45pm.

The passer-by was driving near the victims' house when he saw his friend looking very distressed.

The wife had called the husband when the robbery was in progress and he rushed home.

At this juncture, the friend spotted the suspect climbing over the gate and tried to escape in a motorcycle. On seeing the commotion he chased the suspect in his car and cornered him not far from the house.

He also caught the suspect before calling the police. The suspect had been remanded.

Investigation revealed a laptop was missing from the house. Police are still trying to ascertain whether other valuables were taken.

n d scariest part is..
I think d thief has been to my house b4 dat..
on afternoon..
after picking up Iyman from school..
I forgot n left the gate open..
Syukur Alhamdulillah..
My aunts n cousZ is in my house on dat very afternoon..
n so we had our lunch..
after lunch.
my aunt.. Yang (aery's mother) saw sumone, a guy in front of our house with his hands in the bag..
n he was asking..
'ramai orang ke kat umah?'
n my aunt just replied yes..
he looks derailed n kinda lalok..
a junkie maybe..

then.. maybe he panicked.. n he didnt suspect there's many people at home.. he ran n escaped..
n my mom was like soo cuak.. n she's just ready to yell my name..
I was at d kitchen at dat time..

Taman Pinji Seni is just near to my house..
n b4 dat.. he has stole sumthing from other houses near my house.. but he just stole anything outside..
amybe he's just plain desperate to get sum money to buy sum pot..
after hearing d incident in d news..
my family was like.. sooo.. grateful nothing happened to us..
maybe the parang dat he used to slash d poor victims was placed in the bag.. where he puts his hands in..

I just can't imagine wut would happen if there were only me, my mom n Iyman in house at dat time..
d news would change to.. a mother, a daughter n son were slashed to death.. sumthing like dat..
n dis morning.. my dad kinda confirmed us dat d guy dat slashed those poor peoples is d same guy who entered our compound..

ALHAMDULILLAH nothing happened to us..