Wednesday, May 22, 2013


and after all that.. 
sasuke just came back and wants to compete for hokage's place with naruto??
after all that run??
after all that curse??
after all that flashbacks?
to fight along with sakura and naruto?
after almost a decade of reading naruto..
sasuke and naruto just kiss and made up??


Saturday, May 18, 2013


A Public Service Announcement:

did you know that there is an enzyme in some bacteria that causes it to be resistant to all man known antibiotics? 

even vancomycin? 

the blame is all on those antibiotic's abuser..

that means to say..


who did not finish their antibiotics..

who took antibiotics randomly without the advice of the doctors..

doctors who prescribed antibiotics to all patients who came to see them..

doctors who doesn't explain the importance of finishing antibiotics to their patients..


if your doctor give you antibiotics.. 

finish it! 

dont leave it after u feel a lil bit healthy..

finish it according to your doctor's advice! 

doctors should explain the consequences of not finishing the antibiotics to the patients..

and don't just go and buy antibiotics from the pharmacist without prescriptions/ doctor's advice..

here's a link for more information about the bacteria..