Saturday, October 24, 2009

in d land of Sarees, Chappati, briyani n many more..

OK.... it has been soooo long since i've last updated my blog..
sorry folks..
been bz rushing here n there..
doing this n that..
n guess what?!?!?!?!

I'm in BANGALORE , india now.. ;p

I came here on october 12th..
its kinda cold here..
totally different from Malaysia..
lurving d nice weather..
well off course..
there's no such country as good as Malaysia..

ok.. my update..
on d 29th september..
I had an orientation week..
at d Shah Alam's MSU campus..
I'm kinda pissed off actually..
just imagine.. my flight would be on d 11th..
n i had dat 'enjoyable' orientation from 29th until 2nd october..
n d next monday.. on 5th october..
i had to go for BTN until d 9th..
i only had like 2 or 3 days to spend with my family..

if u asked me wut i felt at dat moment..
i felt like an asswhole..
thinking of giving up MBBS already..

I couldn't even manage to meet up with my friends for d last time.. in d land of Malaysia

well.. for d BTN (biro tatanegara) course..
I kinda like d things dat they drilled us with for d whole week..
we were attending dat course with d guys n gir from UNISEL..
they are going to further their studies in Japan..
n i was like..
i wanna go to Japan..
I wanna go shopping in Shibuya..
I want to attend Gazette's gig there.. hehehehe..

hurmm.. Ika, Analhuda, Moon n Mus decided to backout from coming here..
its kinda sad..
reminiscing d old days with them..
here.. my friend and I are among d oldest student..

but off course..
as a Shopaholic..
when I landed in Bangalore..
I was thinking of finding d malls..
n when I went to d malls..
I kinda dissapointed actually..
all d items are expensive here..
can u imagine..
buying iron at d price of almost rm200..
a 50 ml edp j'adore dior almost cost rm500..
n I recalled dat in Malaysia..
a 100 ml edp j'adore dior only cost rm349

here.. its kinda different actually
during deepavali..
or they called it Diwali here..
they're still working..
d fireworks..
it felt like i'm in d Pirates of the Caribbean movie..
it was soooo damn LOUD..
u can just imagine as if u r in a war zone..

but.. d funny thing is..
I thought it was kinda hard to find food here..
n when I came here..
I was like..
kinda lurving d food..
n cant cotrolled myself..
bcoz its cold here..
n when d weather is cold..
people would get hungry..

d shoes here are not to my taste..
but d sarees n shwals here are cheap.. ;p
n dats where most of my money goes to..
so far.. i've bought 6 sarees n 6 shwals..
(i gave a shawl to Bong as I didnt bought her anything for her birthday)

I missed Sunway Pyramid..
I missed MidValley..
I missed my family..
I missed drving around my MYVi..
I missed watching midnite's movies..
I missed listening to FLY fm..
I missed lazying around..
I missed Malaysian dishes..

things are gonna get hectic..
things are gonna get tougher..
i have until 2014 here.. InsyaAllah..
i still couldn't get d hang of seeing d cadaver..
(i hate formalin.. it causes me a heaache n I kinda wanna puke with d smell)

well.. i didnt install d internet yet..
updating this blog n my facebook now..
is on Ayin's courtesy..
(they kinda stole someone else's line)

my Apartment is big..
lurves it..
if u want to imagine d surrounding..
its like living in d hindustan's or tamil's movies..
there's autorickshaw (my kinda formal transportation for d moment being.. thinking og buying myself a scooter later on)
there's non-stop honking on d road..
there's a lot of dust..
there's beggars..
but off course..
I'm a foreigner here..
I have to respect their customs..

Wish me d best of luck!

later on... I'll upload sum of d pictures.. ;p

new place..
new friends..
new situations..
new customs..
new rules..
new HOPES....