Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sugoi ne gazetto!!!!
even tho.. d song didn't grow on me for d 1st time.. 
I'm sure it will grow on me.. :)

Good Luck My Way

after such a long long long time..
laruku's back..
my Hyde-sama is back!
Ken, Tetsu n yukihiro is back dude!!

Good Luck My Way - l'Arc~en~Ciel



when d teachers or lecturers asked about how often did we workout in a week..
i would stumbled..
n felt really bad inside..
but now..
I can proudly say out loud..
I am working out for at least 30 minutes a day.. 5 days a week..
even though its not dat impressive nor strenuous..
at least..
I'm not a full time couch potato..
yeay me! :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Secret Garden?
nice.. but didn't manage to take lotsa pics...
ooo.. oh..
I looked fat in all d pics!!! (whose to blame? I'm fat from d beginning)

Mighty Apes?
well.. d preparation is underway..
hope everythings gonna turn out great..

oo.. oh... Ayin's convo.. Congrats!

well.. its 6 weeks already..
anything new?
naa... same old same old..

Wedding bells?
my matriculation roomies...
kinda lost contact with her..
informed bout her by diana..
huwaaaaaaaaa!!! can't go.. :(
to be frank.. I'm not soo surprised..
well.. she's d kind of girl where boys just attracted to her..
she's like a magnet to d boys..
congrats Yana!!!
(pls do gimme sum tips on how to be a magnet like u.. ;p)

huwaaa.. due to my eagerness to buy d tickets for raya..
ended up buying a return ticket bangalore-kl via air asia for RM1k+(d usual price is only 'bout RM700+)
n last week..
MAS have a 'daebak' offer..
MAS summore!!!!
(dh laa x pnh blk Malaysia landing kt KLIA)

dont even let me start...
my accounts getting thinner n thinner by day.. :(
(urghh.. if only my tummy can be thinner n thinner by day)

Nieda... stop being such a MONEY SPENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r not an HEIRESS or CHAEBOL!!!!

huwoo.. tomorrow's gonna be my casualty posting..

haha.. felt like being in d TV series ER (except dat real life is much more boring then in d TV)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vlogging on Saturday evening #3

ok.. enough fangirling with Kpop now!!
I just simply lurve dis song..
lurves Adelle..
well.. dis song might be old.. 
but d heck.. :)
urghh... if only i had her voice.. :)

Rolling in deep - Adele


Vlogging on Saturday evening #2

Park Bom Daebak!!
haha.. dis is Park Bom's second solo..
She's from 2ne1 in case u r wondering..
just simply lurves d song n d set..

Dont Cry- Park Bom
love it.. love it.. love it..!!


Vlogging on Saturday evening #1

2ne1 Daebak!!!
new single from 'em..
no autotunes.. 
no club mix..
just simply lurves it..

Lonely - 2NE1
soo in love with d song.. d hairdos.. n d outfits..


Sunday, May 8, 2011


They might think I'm ignorant..
They might think I know nothing..
They might think I know nothing except about entertainment..

I haven't been studying in any prestigious boarding school..
I haven't been in any school activities..
I am only fluent in 2 languages..
I haven't attended any of d ohh soo great Unis..
I dont know anything about music notes and instruments..
I dont know how to cook lots of things..
I forgot how to drive a stick..
I'm bad at coordinating my action & thought..
I tend to avoid problems when they arise..
I dont know how to talk about politics..
I dont know how to talk about philosophy..
I only read fiction novels..
I dont know much about photography..
I always dissapoint others..
I dont know how to stand up for myself..
I only listen quietly when peoples talk about sumthing dat i dont quite agree with..

mom.. dad.. sorry for being such an asshole


kinda tired listening..
keep listening..
while they talk like u dunt have any slightest idea about things..

When a heart break.. it does not break even..
it shatters..


Friday, May 6, 2011


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..

It is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations 
(obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something..

While we're at it...
I was reminded by my mom's saying while watching a documentary about OCD on d TV..
'when we think back... we all kinda have sum OCD behaviour in us aren't we?'
n to be frank... I think my mom's kinda true..

as for me..
I think I'm a lil' bit of everything..
well not everything..
I'm a lil' claustrophobic.. (I dont like sitting on a window seat or d middle seat in plane.. I prefer isle seat)
I'm a lil' perfectionists at sum things.. (I really dont like it when people use an iron spatula while cooking on a non-stick pan)
I'm a lil taken aback when things are not done my way..  (I'm not used to 'tumis'  when cooking 'masak lemak'.. n when i watched ppl 'tumis' it... I kinda felt dat its not gonna taste good..)
I smirked hearing about stuffs dat I find ridiculous (even though I know.. its not ridiculous to sum ppl)
n one thing dat I've trie so hard to held is..
I'm kinda ticked off when I heard sum words pronounced wrongly... n ended up telling off d correct way to pronounce d word..
I know its annoying..
I've tried my best  to held it in...
I am so so so sorry about it.....

mian... chingu!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trouty Mouth

Me & my big mouth...
how I wish i can stop talking crap..
how I wish I could stop mistakenly spilled everything out..
how I wish I could stop asking people annoying questions..
how I wish I could start talking wisely..


Monday, May 2, 2011


just like a pests.. 
crawling around..
looking for something.. 
something dat can feed d soul..
instead of soul.. 
disgusts is d one who came..
like d world's gonna get much better..
without it..