Saturday, April 16, 2011

ehh.. I'm at dat age group already?

well.. back in Bangalore..
even though i had 3 weeks of holidays...
I still had d hangover feeling...
u know..
d feeling dat u got after u had a really great holiday..
where u r in denial dat its over.. :)

on d 2nd day back..
went to class as usual (i actually skipped d morning classes due to my 'hangover')
and went to withdraw money..
n a guy.. a punjab..  I think..  came n asked for a donation for certain foundation
and due to the nature of d local peoples here.. (dey r really persistent and like to force ppl)
i was kinda forced to donate 300 rupees..
hurmmm.. i think i need to work on my attitued.. i had to be firmer..
and he told me dat I have a very lucky forehead..
well.. I'm sure he'd said dat to everyone dat he forced to donate..
but... there's one more thing dat he said dat grabbed my attention n make me ponders..
he said - "but u r always thinking too much"
n I think dat it might be true..
am I?

oooh.. and about d title..
when my colleague around me has been bz arranging n talking bout marriage n engagement..
something popped in my head..
ehh.. I'm at d age of marriage already? well.. I guess.. they r.. I'm not?
(hahahaha... even tho... we're at d same age already)

owhh... 14th April is d 'Black Day'..
i just knew about it on last thursday..
it is actually a day celebrated by the single peoples in South Korea n they will eat jajangmyun (black sauce noodle) on dat day..
well... 14th feb is valentine.. created by d Romes.. where d girls will give chocs or presents to d guy dey like
14th march is white day.. created by d Japanese.. where d guy who gets presents on d valentine reply with roses or chocs to d girls dat dey like..
and... 14th march is d black day.. :)
see d connection? hahaha
I'm babbling again..

hurmm... 3rd year's life is exhausting..


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tales of the Two Siblings

A: do u have best friends when u r in junior high?
B: (in a rush sending B to school) hurmm.. i dunt really remember.. i may have few of 'em.. Why?
A: ummm.. nothing.. its just dat.. i dont have any best friends to hang out with.. 2 days is d maximum period for  'em to hangout with me..
B:well.. dont worry... maybe everyone is just busy.. with d tutors, training and all.. I'm sure ur friends would love to hangout with u..
A: r u popular in high school?
B: umm... not really.. but.. i had lots of fun in high school.. why?
A: nothing.. i just feels like everyone hates me..
B: common.. dats only ur feeling.. i'm sure dey'll like u once they know u better.. ok.. go n have fun at school!
A: ok.. bye! c u!

on d way back home... B kept thinking about all d question A's asked n realised dat A's having kinda rough time like B when B's around A's age..
n some of B's answer is lies...
She keeps on praying in her heart so dat A will have better chances in his life.. n does not end up like her..


Monday, April 4, 2011


Alamak.. alamak.. alamak.. ala.. alamak...
(hahaha.. teringt msg tone ieda)

urghh.. my skin n hair are getting worse...
where to do facial n hair treatment eh??


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ichi... nii.. san..

one week to go..
n I've to leave Malaysia for Bangalore..
I've to faced more n more n more n more stress.. :(


Friday, April 1, 2011

Kepulauan Borneo

In Malaysia..
enjoying my break..
had too much food..
went to miri.. n went for sushi in brunei..
thanx nana, effa, arif, faisal, wan, adha n nana's friend in brunei!
went to kota kinabalu..
snorkeling at d middle of d sea for d 1st time in my life..
seen nemo.. :)
its tiring but FUN..
seen a real submarine for d 1st time in my life..
thanx abg kama (ida's big bro) n kak dila!

took my 2nd phase exam results..
Alhamdulillah I passed all d subjects.. (even though... i bet.. i'm d only one without any distinction) [hehehe.. pdn muke.. sape srh x study!]

d only blunder ---> gained weight!

hehehehehe... no hal laa... its kinda waste to be dieting when u r back in malaysia for only 3 weeks aight? :)