Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Segamat, Johor

Look at what I got today!!
a kad raya from Segamat, Johor..
Thanx a lot achik, makchik, aishah, angah, huda n amat!!
n not forgetting Pos Malaysia ;p
Selamat Hari Raya!!
Maktok~~ sorry x dpt balik raye kali nih.. :)


Dear Mr Days.. please slow down for me!

hahaha.. d earlier text is wtitten by Iyman.. haish dh standard 5.. tlsn camtuh lagi
oops.. I dit it again!
hahaha.. not another britney songs..
but hey.. I grew up listening to all those things..
so I am allowed to use her phrase once in a while..
as usual..
I was determined to stay up last nite until sahur..
n obviously..
I did not succeed in doing so..
hahahaha... was planning to take a quick nap... ended up having a 2 hours nap n woke up just before sahur..
haishh... its tuesday already.. n my preparation for exam is just like.. only 10%
hurmm... scared to death now..
If u were to asked me on how I felt bout facing d exams..
yet.. I still am in front of my laptop..

Katzung's pharmacology text ended up being a model for me
my Esprit watch dat needs herself a new leather strap
hahahaha... no.. I'm not a leftie..
Yup.. I'm one of d so called gleek
ignore d plump fingers.. notice d rings :)

 urghhh.. I am soo hating d new blogger editor..
btw.. a few pics dat I snap out of boredom..


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Surprise Surprise!!

ohh.. last friday.. I got myself a pleasant surprise from my mom in Malaysia..

Kuih Raya from Malaysia!!!
even though i didn't have d chance to eat murtabak, tepung pelita, roti john, etc.. from Bazaar Ramadhan dis year.. I guess.. these kuih raya really make my days!! (^^)v

ok.. now... have to force my lazy ass to sit in front of d desk n STUDY!!
wish me d best of luck! =)


Just the thought of it.. makes me..

I never thought dat hearing raya songs could somehow..
makes me feel like nostalgic n longing at d same time..
but today.. during my sahur..
ida turned on a raya songs..
and it occurs to me..
"ehh... its only 5-6 days b4 raya... Ramadhan's gonna be over.. ohh.. i'm not gonna spend my raya with my family for d 1st time.."

I'm sure.. all of us have different anticipation for Raya..
Some of us might be eagerly waiting for raya to wear their best raya outfit..
Some of us can't wait to enjoy delicious raya delicacies..
Some of us can't wait to go back to kampung and meet up with relatives on raya..
Some of us are waiting to get duit raya..
Some of us are waiting to watch all those special Raya programs on TV..
Some of us can't wait to go to all those open houses..
all in all.. we clebrate raya in our own way..

for me.. this year's raya is gonna be my 1st time for not eating laksa johor on raya's eve..
my 1st time of not getting any duit raya.. (hahaha.. well.. i am still hoping i'll get some)
n off course..
my 1st time of not celebrating raya in Malaysia..
I guess dats d price dat we have to pay to be an adult aight?!
fortunately.. i'm gonna be back one week after raya..
n I am planning on having my share of raya food d moment i stepped my foot in Malaysia.. ;p

as for d coming raya..
Sorry for all d mistakes I've done to any of u..
Sorry if I've ever hurt any of u..
Sorry if I've ever did something bad to u..
in short.. even though its a bit early..
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!
maaf zahir n batin!!
may u guys have a wonderful Raya!!!