Saturday, March 5, 2011


We are VIP!
Big Bang is BACK!!

Cafe - Big Bang

so freakin' in love with TOP..
but GD's cute too..
daesung's getting hotter.. :)

(dis song got stucked in my mind n I kept replaying it in my mind.. when I was thinking of wut to write on my exam's paper)



on a rest for 2 days.. before d next paper..
n might I say dat..
d papers are really killers dude..
If is in d game.. n all of us have dat life status on top of us.. i think..
each one paper I've taken would've reduced my life by 10%..
hahaha.. if dats true.. I'm gonna be dead by 15th march.. hahaha..
ohh.. maybe some 10-15% of it will be there.. bcoz of recharge bonuses like sleep, eating, shopping and fangirling.. ;p

while I'm waiting for my heater to be ready for my bath.. (hahahahahahaha... CORNY)
I've been reflecting a lil' bit..
as i ages gracefully through my life (hahahahahahahaha... double CORNY)

hahaha.. ok.. ok enough with d lame lines..
I've been getting a lot of engagement and marriage invitation from my friends..
I guess.. I'm at d age where peeps are starting to get serious about their life..
n while I'm here..
behaving soooooo far from being an adult..
(hahahahahahahaha... well.. even though its tough.. i gotta say.. I love my student life.. I just need to worry about my studies.. hahahaha.. or should i say.. I love d money, I love d way we can enjoy ourselves..)
all of my friends have started building their career, building a family..
I wish all of 'em d very best..
n no.. seriuosly.. I dont really care or jealous about getting married..
I am damn mad because I can't attend to most of their invitations.. T.T

so to the peoples out there.. around my age..
good luck! n all d best!
 for my friends who may or may not remember me.. good luck! :)