Monday, August 30, 2010

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-53 Malaysia!

"Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
rahmat bahgia, tuhan kurniakan,
raja kita selamat bertakhta,
rahmat bahgia, tuhan kurniakan,
raja kita, selamat bertakhta"

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-53, Malaysia tercinta!
Happy 53rd Independance Day, beloved Malaysia!
May Allah bless Malaysia..
Malaysia is indeed the best place for all.. :)
Let us all work hard on maintaining wut we have had for 53 years..
n Insyaallah.. we can carry on d legacy for our children in the future..

-edited by me.... dats why its not dat cantik lah :) -


Saturday, August 28, 2010

There's no such thing as give up

a lil' birdie once told me this..
"there is no such thing as giving up in ur life"
how I wish I can be positive about it

urghhh.. all d temptations and seductions..
please stop approaching me...
my life is now..
is on d edge of a cliff..
that can just break & fall anytime soon


Sunday, August 22, 2010


ok... old clips of d dangyunhaji games from X man has really made me waste my day..
so.. please wish n pray for me so dat i can start study without any distraction..
but.. can I do it with my mental state now?
hopefully I can.. :)
wish me luck!
pray d best for me... :)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 different tears

no.. dis is not a post about wonder girls.. ;p
but in their songs.. they do mention about 2 different tears..
tears of joy.. n tears of pain..
how I wish i would only shed tears of joy in my life..
till now..
I think i've shed more tears of pain.. then tears of joy..
forgive me for being such a failure n lame-o.. ;p (hahahaha)

btw.. dis 2-3 days..
i've been listening to fly fm.. (online streaming)
n it makes me soooo wanna go back in time n njoy my life in Shah Alam...
if only I could turn back time..

btw.. its August!!
d month of merdeka anniversary for my beloved Malaysia!!
well.. to all rakyat malaysia..
start appreciating n be really grateful to Malaysia..
u will be really grateful once u've gone n live in other countries..
believe me..
there's no other countries dat can be as good as malaysia..


Friday, August 20, 2010

Time is running Out!!!!

My time is running out!!!!
OMG.. haven't started a thing..!!
have some kind of problem actually...
I think i need me some anti-depressant..
ok.. have to study pharmaco first to know d name..

Colors of the spring*, you can go mad by their ease If I could just forget
One can get depressed by watching the beauty of decay with both eyes One can laugh thinking that it's just loneliness
The colors of the spring were raised for the third time Keeping my breath slow I'm swimming in the dirt
It's not convenient to have the illusion that I'll drown with flutter kick
Better than my dominant hand surpressing reality
I'd rather hold onto my light wound
Bury your name

Rotted roots are swaying on the water's surface Cog-wheel are turning like they are distorted
I'm carefully listening to the creaking sounds Can I go completely mad?
All this is a shallow ocean of taboo words It's dirty as much as you can mistake it as clear

Good-bye I'll fall into a lawless darkness
Good-bye It ends with this

Tears Rain of lamentation Every time I'm facing nothingness they're flowing over
The spelled words are blurrying
Tears Somewhen they'll dry I will be killed by silence
At the end of walking in shadows I'll lose my mind

Rotted roots are swaying on the water's surface Cog-wheel are turning like they are distorted
I noticed throwing my body towards the creaking sounds I noticed something similar to that

Tears Rain of lamentation Every time I'm facing nothingness they're flowing over
The spelled words are blurrying
Tears They are scattering with loneliness when you live in silence
Engraved in the fact that I'd never be able to smile again

There is me who loved you There is me who stared at you
There is me who wanted you There is me who lost you
There is you who loved me There is you who stares at me
There is you who destroyed me There is you who snatch me away
There is you who killed me

Nakigahara by The GazettE


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadhan in Bangalore

its blissful 8th day of Ramadhan here..
of course its different..
being away from family..
being away from our roots..
but dats d challenge dat we have to take..

there's no bazaar ramadhan here..
there are quite a numbers of muslims here..
so.. its not dat big of deal to puasa here..
plus we have around 400+ malaysian student here..
so.. all in all..
I can still feel some of d semangat puasa n terawikh here.. :)

well.. as a 23 years old malaysian who have been fasting in Malaysia for more than 16 years..
i do crave for murtabak... kuih limas (tepung pelita).. roti john.. karipap.. et cetera.. et cetera..
but.. to think back..
Ramadhan is about moderation..
dis time..
Allah SWT wants me to feel and experienced a little more on fasting in 'other people's shoes'

last thursday..
during my forensic medicine practical class..
Dr. Ajee (whom is very passionate bout teaching n learning bout others) asked us why do we fast..
at first i have to think bout it..
then.. it comes to my mind..
and i answered her..
"its for us to feel and experienced how d poor are feeling when they're not getting enough food to eat"

and at dat time I ponder..
dats d problem with us..
we just simply do something when everyone else does it..
if we asks d children nowadays..
I dont think they would know why do they have to fast..
well.. maybe some of them know..

I've googled d word 'Puasa'
and I got dis from d wikipedia bahasa melayu..

"Puasa ertinya menahan diri daripada makan dan minum serta segala perbuatan yang boleh membatalkan puasa, mulai dari terbit fajar sehinggalah terbenam matahari. Umat Islam juga dikehendaki menahan diri daripada menipu, mengeluarkan kata-kata buruk atau sia-sia, serta bertengkar atau bergaduh. Ini kerana puasa merupakan medan latihan memupuk kesabaran, kejujuran serta bertolak ansur sesama sendiri. Secara tidak langsung amalan puasa akan menyuburkan sikap murni di dalam diri pelakunya. Adalah menjadi harapan kita agar kesemua nilai yang baik ini akan terus dipraktikkan ke bulan-bulan berikutnya."

translated to english:
Fasting means abstaining from eating and drinking and all actions that may annulled the fast, from the dawn till sunset. Muslims are also required to refrain from cheating, avoid saying vulgar words or vain, and a quarrel or fight. It is to train one selves to cultivate patience, honesty and tolerance for each other. Indirectly, the practice of fasting will nourish the moral attitude of the perpetrator himself. It is our hope that all the good will continue to be practice throughout the next months"

well.. puasa is not all about not eating..
there's a whole lot of goodness dat we can get from puasa..
here's some of d benefits of puasa:
-it refreshes our physical & mental condition
-it can destroy d toxins in our bodies - detoxification
-it will refreshes all d muscles in our body and make us feels more energetic
-it can helps in controlling our blood pressure
-it can help us losing our weight
-it can allow our digestive system to relax for about 11-12 hours
-it can train us on how to be more patient in our life

hehe.. forgive my rambling.. n have a blissfull Ramadhan!
(i am supposed to be at class now.. but i have some serious abdominal muscle cramp and have to skip classes for dat.. n think dat writing will keep my mind of d pain for a while)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Me myself & music?!

in my early part of life..
i'm not soo into all dis celebrity thingy..
I dont even care what's in and out at dat time..
ohh.. wait... i lurve spice girl when I was in primary school..
I even bought their movie.. The Spice World.. ;p

n so..
when i was in hostel..
i asked my father to give me his old walkman as dat is d only form of entertainment dat i can get while I was in d hostel...
n so.. I started to listen to all kinds of songs..
d funny thing is..
when I was in form 1..
i like to tune in to thr fm...
especially.. when there was hindustan chart going on..
sometimes.. I went to slept while listening to d hindi songs..

n then... d seniors in my dorm kinda influence me to start listening to
n dats where my interest upon all dis celebrity thingy started..
i kinda started to obsessed about all those things..
my friends called me GiGu - short for gila lagu..
hahaha.. dat reflects at how I can guess d name of d songs (english songs) even if I only listened to 3 beats of d song..
well.. during my time.. N*SYNC, BSB, 5IVE and et cetera was really in..
i've collected d cassetes.. posters.. n thought dat they're d coolest thing..

n then.. comes Linkin Park..
at dat time.. Linkin Park was like d coolest rock/hip hop band..
I even gave a camera to my friend who's going to their concert in Malaysia when I was in form 4 so dat she can take lots of pics.. (haha.. i couldn't go... living in hostel.. strict curfew)
hehehe.. my little bro.. Iyman.. who was 4/5 years old at dat time.. can even sing to their song.. words by words..

hahaha.. well.. at dat time.. Linkin Park was totally IN
d only thing is.. I'm a big fan of Mr JT..
right from N*SYNC time until today..

n then.. come my university life..
when I watched Nana the movie..
I fell in love with d theme song.. Glamorous Sky..

I googled it n found out dat d guy who wrote dat song is from a J-rock band called l'Arc~en~Ciel
n typical me.. I fell in love with their songs...
n totally fell head over heels for Hyde-sama ( d guy who wrote d song who is also d vocalist of dat band)

n soo..
I've start learning about those kind of music from d internet n Ika-san..
my classmates who's obsessed bout visual kei.. hehehe
n then i knew a whole lots of things about visual kei n Jrock..
n dats how I started to follow The GazettE n others.. ;p


Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a Dream?!

I've always dreamt on how one day..

I would be one of d most influential people in d world..
I would be marrying one of d gorgeous millionaire n tell d whole world about it.. (hahahahahahaha)
I would be speaking fluent japanese and befriended all d visual kei artists..
I would travel the whole world in a luxurious yacht..
I would have shoes & handbags closet filled with all those branded shoes & closet..
I would have a killer sporty luxury car..
I would own a theme park based on movies.. like d real one.. like Harry Potter.. but.. I guess.. b4 i managed to dream on.. some rich guy have done dat kind of theme park..

wanna know a secret?
I've had a dream about me & my school friend wearing robe to school and d stairs were moving just like those harry potter stairs..
guess wut..
I've dreamt about it way before Harry Potter exists..
when I was 10/11 years old..
n my friends like to teased me on how I would be rich like JK rowling if I had know how to write a book when I was 10 years old..



There's too many corny scenes which I laughed my heart out when I watched eclipse..
d heck..
I lurve twilight saga..
I lurve d books..
but d movies is just..
but.. I do admit that d casts are gorgeous..
but.. geez..
RobPat & Kristin's acting is just.... Geez..
well.. at dis point.. I like watching vampire diaries better..
movie event of d year?? ;p


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friendship day

as I read a school friend of mine status in FB..
I just realised dat miss July 2010 has left us..
n today is Friendship day..

Happy Friendship Day everyone!!

"Friendship is like money, easier made than kept."
-Samuel Butler

well.. lets hope dat all of us are gonna make a hell lot of good friends and manage to keep contact with all of our friends.. ;)