Monday, August 15, 2011


everything seems to be perfect..
everything seems to be insufficient..
everything seems to be at fault..
everything seems to fade..


Thursday, August 11, 2011


They say dat..
to be respected by others..
u need to respect urself first..
to be liked by others..
u need to like urself first..
to be loved by others..
u need to love urself first..

I guess..
self hating is really eating me up.. 
inside out..
n a childhood's friend's quote popped up in my mind..
and she said..
u need to stop saying n being sorry all d time..


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Starry starry day?

Hey.. I just realised... 
my life's become so uneventful dat I can write nothing bout it in my blog..
compared to when I was back in Shah Alam..
nothing much happened..
its flat..
n damn exhausting..
no more midnight drive..
no more midnight mamak snacking..
no more stalkers' letter on my car.. (not for me laa off course.. for a friend who always sit beside me in my car when we went out)
no more driving in the traffic jam..
no more encounters with celebrities..
no more mocking d transgender.. (sorry.. I was young back then)
no more convoys..
no more discovering new places..
no more sweet weekend getaway..
no more driving for hours being lost..
no more driving straight faced in a pitch black road..
no more staying outside until early morning..
no more gigs..
no more concerts..
no more fest..
no more thrills..

When I'm not in d college or hospitals..
I'd be in my room..
cooped up in front of d computer..
most of d time watching videos..
sometimes reading novels..
sometimes sleeping..
rarely doing revision..
Sometimes went for shopping
(which I can finished within 3-4 hours.. where back in Shah Alam I can go and shopping for 12 hours straight.. coz there's nothing much here)

well... dats how routined I am now..
I really need to start something new..


Thursday, August 4, 2011


I seriously lurves this song..
d words in dis song..
dunt u feel dat.. 
dats wut we all have felt at some times in our life..
well.. I sure do..


*random: got dis one from a comment on d vid... UGLY= u gotta love yourself.. :)