Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm having a seriously weird but kinda happy dream last nite..
geez.. no.. its not a wet dream! haha
does d dream indicates my deepest desire?
d heck.. travel d world! (^-^)v


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Its been ages since I wrote my last entry..
and.. as u can see
through a series of suggestive gloomy entries..
Some of u might've guessed..
dis girl is depressed..
I'm officially declaring myself as a distressed person....

hahaha.. what the heckk..
as if I'm d only distressed person in d world..

well.. I've been through my 3rd IA...
and as i have guessed..
I barely pass 3 of d papers..
n unfortunately failed pathology..
n  now.. I'm only a week away from my fnal professional 2nd year mbbs examination..
n I've been wasting 1 week..
doing everything.. except studying..

Have i told u guys dat I am really bad at managing my stress & dissapointment?
I guess I'm d only one who know how bad I handle things..

ok.. enough bout my so called problem..
hahaha.. last thursday nite..
we went for a movie..
No Strings Attached.. starring ashton kutcher n natalie portman..
dey seriously didn't cut any adult rated scene in d movies here.. (as I forgot again.. dat dis is not malaysia)
I think..
if d light was on..
ppl would see how d 4 of us girls.. sitting there blushing..
trying to control our 'machoness' watching d so called 18sx scene
(actually.. in my defense.. they're not actually naked.. but u know.. all d sexually suggestive sound n moves n expression.. hahaha)
I'm not gonna take d blame alone..
I'll tell u guys with whom I watched  d movie..
~TqAh HamdaN~

but in d movies.. there r a group of medical students..
n I quote one of d characters dialogue..
"Don't be ashamed.. We dont care if u r naked.. we've seen plenty.. in fact hundreds of p***s"
"In fact.. I've seen thousands.."

hahaha.. well.. we r a group of medical students