Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It isn't too late

For those who know me..

I may be just an insignificant others or
I may be just useful for certain things or
I may be just a person who can be manipulated or
I may be d person who is bad tempered or
I may be a girl who bitch around when she's mad or
I may be an overemotional girl or
I may be just the girl who owns d 1st PDA in my prep college or
I may be just d girl whose mood change is unpredictable when d time comes or
I may be just d girl who tried to help other with all her might or
I may just be d unattractive girl who speaks a lot or
I may just be d girl who you can looked at & laughed at or
I may be ur friends or
I may be ur bff or
I may be ur problem solver or
I may be ur loyal listener or
I may be d girl who just pissed u guys n girls off..

all I want to say is..
I'm Sorry for all dat I've done..
n may u guys remember me as a good person who lurves to help peoples.. (^o^)v


Monday, July 27, 2009

100th... so many things to say.. so many things to do

Yeay.. its my 100th entry!

although it seems like forever since i last updated my blog..
pardon me for dat ;)
been bz doing nothing.. hehehehe..
na ah.. just not in d mood to update my blog recently..

hehehe... oook.. since i just realise dat dis week is my last week at shah alam..
i started to reminisce bout d 3 years i have been staying in shah alam in pursuing my degree in biomedicine at d BELOVED MSU.. ;p

so.. dis post might be a lil' long n may be full unimportants events..
anyhoo.. its my blog.. n i'd do anything i like with it.. (^0^)v

ok.. first n foremost.. a lil story on my trip to PD last 2 weeks..
on a fine saturday, 11th of july 2009, together with analhuda, ayin blonde, sya, farra bong n aida blonde jr.. d six of us departed from seroja heading to analhuda's sis, kak mal house..
there.. we hang out for a while..
then at about 12pm we head for PD..
at about 2.30pm.. walaa.. we reached PD..
n we screamed in d car for d beautiful seas n beaches..
n with lots of activities..
beach hangout..
swimming pool..
we went back to Shah Alam on Sunday.. d next day..
fewh.. it was damn tiring n exhausting..
but one hella good weekend getaway.. :D
ok.. dats bout PD..

then.. on 14th july 2009..
yeay me!
its d last day for our attachment..
hehe.. it may sound a lil exaggerating..
but.. seriously.. 2 weeks of attachment at IPR.. is really tiring..
hahaha.. n d activities done wasnt even close to real life chores or work..

n finally.. i can go on my shopping spree.. ;p
mega sale carnival babe...
n off we went on thursday in d same week we finished attachment.. to Midvalley
although i havent done much shopping..
i manage to bought myself a pair of CK jeans!
n guess how much is it.. its only rm50..
ok ok.. i got it at d FOS..
fine.. it might be rejected..
but hell.. its still CK..
n in my size!
(well.. its a lil difficult to find a perfectly fitted jeans for me)
even tho its a bit big..
well.. i can always wear belt..
n on dat particular nite..
i went to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince at sunway..
fewh.. largest cinema i've entered and its full house..

n after dat.. on d following weeks.. we were supposed to have 'intensive' class..
n from d rumours...
we might have to be in class from morning till night..
n all in all..
wut did u expect from M*U..
we only have 2 hours of class each n everyday..
n yesterday.. i caught a fever.. with S.O.B (shortness of breath n not SON OF A B***H) ;p
n dis evening.. d management told us dat we have to empty d house by 31st july..
its dis friday.. hurmm..
so i guess.. lots of works needed to sort out my books, clothes, shoes, n everything else!

ook.. now.. my 3 years in Shah Alam..
on august 2006..
arrived in Shah Alam n register at KUTPM..
n so.. i was placed at d seroja apartment..
tears of joy.. tears of everything..
throughout d 3 years..
n I developed a new -holic..
n I kinda notty being on my own here..
not dat NOTTY laa..
just.. staying out late at nite..
going here n there..
hahaha.. at home.. our curfew is at 7pm.. hehehe
I know.. its childish..
but wut to do..
my parents a bit conservative when it comes to curfew..
hehehe.. its good actually..

n OMG!
my shopping in KL..
my movie marathon...
after dis...
need to drive to kl for almost 2 hours if i wanna hang out in KL..
no more midnite movies..
no more having fun with friends at nite..
(hahaha.. if my parents read dis.. they'll say - "bertuah punye anak")

i also went to my 1st international artist concerts during my years in shah alam..
Good Charlotte's MTV concert in 2007 :)

Gosh.. i sound like an old geezer reminiscing bout life.. hehehehe

d trip on 2007 to lenggong..
a hell lotta fun with all d guys n girls..
n i just cant forget about Udzair when he was thrown off his kayak..
his panicking..
hahahaha.. hillarious..

d 15 minutes dat we supposed to perform for d music subject..
hahahahaha... wickedly hillarious n foolish..

larian suke suki..
FHLS day..
mentor mentee BBQ day..
picnic at sungai congkak..
doing thesis for only 3 months..
n everything else..
may we be in contact always..
[hahahaha.. kawen jgn x jemput..]
we may or may not see again..
wut important is..
may all d hardships dat we endured during our years in MSU teaches us to be wiser..
all d experiences will help us later on in our life..
as d old saying goes..
history may repeat itself..

OMG... how am I going to hide my shoes (which might total up to 10++ pairs) from my mom when i brought them back???


Monday, July 20, 2009

Timetable for MARA peeps

slm. jadual klas for now is as below. any changes ms akan inform

21/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Karim)
22/7 - 3-5pm (Abdul Hameed)
23/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Sairah)
28/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Sai Bdo Radman)
29/7 - 3-5pm (Dr Fatma)
30/7 - 12-2pm (Dr Ammar)

klas sume kat hall f.

xcaye jadual neh tgk sndiri kat fac. tlg bgtau yg len2. sbrg ptanyaan mls dilyn (bg laa aku break. xsehat neh~ T_T) kthnxbyh

[as forwarded from Ika-Kaichou sama]


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FYI.. MARA peeps.. take axn

D message below is as forwarded form Ika-Kaichou- sama

tuk internship IPR kne wat repot, due date 22/7/09 (anta lambat deduc markah)
4.List of Averbatn
5. Chaptr 1. Intro to IPR (citer la akemende IPR tuh, history, misi, visi, bla3~) 2-infinity. Department2 dah pi (repot la ape procedure wat kat situ & discuss skali)
6. Conclusn & Recomendtn
cov: kuning, atas tulis IPR pnoh2, line bwh tulis "Internship Report" tgh2 pg tarok name, ID & course (bach in BM) bwh skali tulis MSU pnoh2
nnt ade presentation individual. present je la kes korg

lecture akan start 20/7/09

tuk tesis, sape yg xmo anta hard cover buat surat rayuan to timb dekan melalui ktue jabatan. kate la xmampu, duit dh xmasuk dh, bla3~ sediekan senarai name sape2 yg berkenaan (ni kire nak ty la sape yg boleh tlg wat surat nih pastu yg lain2 bg name & blanje tukang buat surat, k? )

tu je takat nih & ms pesan kalo nk slamat, dok diam2 dulu kat s.alam (sape2 yg tau citer tau la kot ape aku ckp)

tlg bgtau yg lain. kthnxbyh~

p/s: cant update d PD vacation coz didnt have d pics yet


Monday, July 13, 2009


I just lurves how this Korean girl group perform on stage..
They are called 2NE1..
They are very energetic n charismatic..


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hahahaha.. d title is sooo not suitable for everyday speaking language..
ok.. just got back from a lil weekend getaway in PD..
went with Ayin Blonde, Sya, Farra Bong, Aida, Analhuda n analhuda's sister's family..
went there yesterday..
we rent a room in Tiara Beach Resort..
n now I was exhausted n tired like hell..
so.. i'm off to my bed now..
d update on d trip may be posted on d next post..
damn.. tomorrow have to go to IPR early in d morning..


Friday, July 3, 2009

Salute to Adults!

finally... its weekend!!!
gosh.. d attachment thingy is soo damn tiring us out..
physically & mentally..
n dats not we're not even working yet!
at dis point..
I really salute all the adults out there who works their arse off to earn a living..!!
are we too lazy..?!?!
I guess..
well.. maybe its because.. we're not dat ready yet..
n all of a sudden..
we were asked thousands of things..
dat seems to be spoken in an 'alien' language..
n d thing is..
we have studied all those things..
n now..
I'm wondering whether my attitude is good enough to be a good physician..
n whether it is good enough to survive studying medic for another 4 and a half years..

OK.. another thing is..
Ayin (my sis... not Ayin d Blonde, my classmate :D) has posted a post on her blog about her appearing on a TV show..
where she n her friends (my juniors at school - signed by ketue agame yg hampeh.. hahahaha) accidentally went on a snorkelling trip with Yuna n her band mates..
n soo.. ayin n her friends appear for a mere minutes in the show..
click HERE for her post n she posted d vids there..
hahahaha.. I can actually hear her voice.. shouting n screaming to her friends.. babbling..
buat kecoh x hbs at d background while d guys are filming Yuna while they were snorkelling..
n in case u might be wondering which girl is my sis..
dunt bother to look for a girl who resembles me..
cause she looked tottally different from me..
people will describe us like d dialogs below..

A: which of d sisters is nida n ayin?
B:owhh.. dats easy.. d not soo good looking one is nida.. n d good looking one is ayin
C: well.. u can also said dat.. nida have mate sepet.. ayin mate besaq (muahahahaha)
D: d fun one is ayin.. d boring one is nieda
E: d bubbly one is ayin.. d gloomy one is nieda

hahaha.. d dialogs may help.. but usually.. people just dont have d interest to ask 'who's nida'.. n problem solved! n they didn't even know or remember me pon.. hahahahaha :D

as for me.. nothing interesting happen..
work.. work.. work..
life starts at 5.40am everyday..
(except for weekend - yeay me.. I can tdo puas2 tonite!)
hurmm.. zzzzZZZZZzzzzz


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Excusez Moi..

couldn't update my blog as regularly..
doing attachment at d Institut Perubatan Respiratori (IPR)..
formelry.. it is known as Pusat TB negara..
Goshh.. felt sooo stupid being among all d doctors n specialist..
n dis morning..
which is d 2nd day of my attachment..
we were divided into groups..
n then we would rotate n take turn to go to d place where we were assigned n supposedly learn everything dat we can..
d pengarah of IPR is really charismatic and eager to teach us everything..
shes a VERY good doctor..
seriously.. I mean it..
she doesn't belittle those who r below her..
she treats them with respect..
n she puts d patient's 1st above everything..

ok.. then.. today..
my group was assigned to d outpatient clinic..
n today is TB day..
I was assigned in Dr. Rupinder's room...
She's pretty.. even though she's 7 month pregnant..
its a pity dat i'm not dat friendly and bubbly..
I dunt know how to start a conversation with her..
n so.. she teached me everyhting about TB..
n asked me everything bout TB..
hahahaha.. silly me...
I couldn't answer anything..
dats how dense am I..
hahahaha.. silly nieda..

ok.. for 2 weeks.. we have to get ready by 6.40 am..
(dats quite hard for us ocz we used to have class earliest at 8am n we could just make it to class if we woke up at 7..)
then.. went back at 5pm..
may probably reached seroja at about 6pm..
n at nite..
dinner.. n doing sum revision..

haa.. n at d end of d attachment..
we have to present a case to Datin Dr Hajah Aziah.. (d pengarah)
which is quite a challenge..
coz she's d examinar for medical undergrad n postgrad at UK, Malaysia.. etc..
gosh... dat really is challenging.. d bar is quite high..
wish us luck.. :)

p/s: most probably.. if all of us undergone d Mantoux test (sum kind of a skin test to check TB).. we will be +ve.. but d doctors said its just an infection dat will not cause disease :D