Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plain White Ceiling

one cold night in Bangalore.. 
just pierce into a heart..
n d heart seems like its too tired to take it all.. 
n it might as well just stop beating..
n be as cold as d night..



at some point of ur life..
u kind of wonder..
why did peoples bully..
why did peoples punish..
why did peoples judge..
why did peoples mock..
why did peoples step on others..
why did peoples look don upon others..

At sum point of my life..
I keep wondering..
do I deserve d punishing..
do I deserve d mockery..
do I deserve to be played..
am I dat stupid to be looked down upon by others..
am I dat Idle in others eyes..
am I dat insignificant..
am I dat easy to be fooled..

my head screamed no..
my heart screamed maybe..
my soul screamed yes..

might as well just go.. 
take a stake..
and run it through my heart..

*sunday morning rambling*


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


What my heart truly wishes for...
to be remembered..
to be appreciated..
to be missed when I'm no longer there..
not for money..
nor appearance..
just for myself..
sunsuhage nae ma-eum..


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dearest Sunshine

as a medic student..
I am really bad at dealing with death..
even tho we haven't been dat close recently..
even tho I know.. Islam forbid us to mourn over death..
even tho I know i have to be stronger..
I wanna use my childhood's reasoning today..
Somehow.. My tears can't stop falling..
Lily.. may Allah bless u..
We will always remember ur warmness..