Thursday, June 18, 2009

Irony much?!

and now.. effing Uni told us dat we're gonna have our practical next week..
n I was just planning on going suimwhere for a lil' vacation..
goodbye sandy beaches..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pardon my French....

as Sya has commented on d previous post..
It has been quite some time since i have last updated my blog..
being at home..
seriously.. lazy... couch potato.. extreme sedentary lifestyle..
(well.. except for ironing a bucket of schools uniforms, cooking for Iyman, running from Comot)

ok.. d thing is... last monday..
as my previous post has explained..
we were 'given' a week of break..
waiting for d confirmation for our community medicine thingy..
then.. Miss Halijah told us to just get some rest and she's updated our status on next tuesday (meaning yesterday)
n then she told us dat..
we're going to attend our BTN session dis 30th June.. (Gosh.... how I hated all those thingys)
dat means..
another 2 weeks of holidays!!
yeay me!

Bloody Hell...
dat means we're going to have our community medicine after dat..
I'm just hoping dat its not gonna be on mid august..
cause Its fasting month...
n I think..
Jempol's weather is quite 'warm'
or should I just say..
Its freakin' HOT'

n one more thing..
I left one of my house of night series book in shah alam..
n now.. I'm searching for d 4th book..
maybe I can bring ayin to KL dis weekend (she's always bothering me with d questions.. - nieda.. jom laa g shopping- she's on a month break after 6 months of practical duty)
n on d way back.. I can drop by my house in shah alam.. n get d book :)
well.. it sounds like a pretty good Idea..

wanna know my itinerary for d break?
9-10 am: wake up n smell d coffee ( or should I say smell d car's fume as my house is on d side of quite d main road)
2 pm : pick Iyman from school
after taking my bath right after waking up... I pretty much do nothing..
except for being a total couch potato..
well.. maybe.. If my friends plan sum vacation..
It would be different
[hahahahaha.. notes to buddy, ayin, sya, yin, my housemates, my schoolmates.... pls pls pls pls plan sum vacation where we can go together :)]

hehehehehe.. my blabbering seems to go on and on..
last 2 saturdays.. I've been to deq lah's wedding..
damn.. she's pretty.. :)
click HERE for d pretty pics of Deq Lah.. n not soo pretty pics of me :)
btw.. ayin, dee, iba n zahier also come with me to d wedding..

Then.. on last 2 sundays..
I went to my cousin's wedding (Anas' wedding)
went there with Kak Eyda (met aery at Klang.. n convoy with him as I dunt know d way to Tanjung Karang)
n made a foolf of myself in front of aery's wife..
only met Kausar for a lil while..
well.. we sorta arrived there quite late..
n Kausar n her family are already leaving when we reached there..
hehehe.. later Kausar.. we can meet n have a long chat or gossip... perhaps :)
n gosh.. Atan's kid.. is sooooo damn hillarious..
Hakim precisely..
he's really d kind of kids dat make u wanna laugh..
n he called me kakak instead of aunty..
(hahahahaha... Ejan.. dunt be jealous ok!)

I think..
Comot is daydreaming to be a model..
he likes to pose for sure..

look at the way how Comot's pose(or he might just be sooo bored coz he cant go out n find his gf)

n we were just laughing watching his acts..


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fanmade New Moon Trailer

Just freakin' lurve dis fanmade new moon trailer..
really explains a lot..


Effing Uni

Ika: ketahuilah bahawasanya trip ke pusat respiratory TAK JADI... So sape2 nak balik, SILE2 (aku nk buno dt gani neh! D<)
[ika's agony message thru YM]

Effing Managing Retarded Uni..
Kalau x..
boleh dh pegi cuti kat kuantan ngan terengganu dh siap..
ngan my whole family plak..
dah laa sekarang susah nk meetup with d whole family..


just use ur imagination of wut I had blurted out as above.. [18PL]

Like Hell..
I've wasted my whole week waiting for those stupid f****** retarded answers

nak balik hr nih??
hari nih dh hr khamis...
dah tu.. Effing Uni kate isnin ade briefing on nk pegi Jempol..
ntah ade ntah x...

membazir seminggu untuk Uni yg x gune..
B$@$ sungguh..

p/s: pardon me for d rude language.. just cant contain d f****** anger over d f****** uni anymore..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Skechers & Me...

I think....
I have d same problem as Becky Bloomwood..
but not as chronic as her..
for today only..
I've spent almost RM400++ for my shopping..
Gosh.. n during d economy crisis summore..

Hey.. I'm not buying anything useless..
I'm buying myself a confortable 'mary-jane' shoes from skechers..
n I've been longing to buy one of those shoes since like forever..
n d shoes are discounted at 10%..
It's quite a good bargain.. no?
n I've been searching for a comfortable shoes..
(its been long.. since I've been buying all those heels dat looks good but tormenting)
(hahahaha.. d price dat women have to pay to look good)
well.. It looks quite feminine n have d 'formal' look..
So.. I can wear it to classes, work, lab...
n although d shoes cost hundreds..
It's durable.. n long lasting (according to friends with Skechers shoes)..

the shoes dat i actually bought.. maybe it doesn't look dat pretty.. but its damn comfortable

the shoes dat i've tried on.. (hahahaha.. kasut mahal.. mesti laa cube habis-habisan)
[salesman siap gelak je bile tgk orang jakun nih tangkap gambar.. siap ckp- 'trima kasih kak.. lain kali datang lagi.. cube banyak2 pon takpe]

Then.. I bought Deq Lah's wedding present..
I wouldn't say d price here..

bought d 1st n 2nd installment of the 'House of Night' series..
intended to bought all 4 of them (accidently bought d 5th book first)
but just realised..
'ehh.. present deq lah x beli lagi'
buying sum socks.. etc.. etc (couldn't say it here... hahahaha)
n.. I hope.. all d 'investments' today is worth it..
Please... Please..
restrain me from shopping for another 2 months.. ('',)v


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon

just can't wait for d movie to came out
i know..
i prefer d book then d movie..
its addicting..
RobPat is soooo addictive..
Vampire is sooooo addictive..


Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazingly beautiful

u guys n gals out there should watch dis video..
its.. amazing at how d guy do d sand painting..
watching it was like watching a movie..
gosh.. damn beautiful..
enough with d talking..
just watch n comment bout it..

n d clip below shows Hee Chul of Super Junior 1st attempt on Sand Painting..
previously.. he's a comic artist..
he's quite good..