Friday, October 29, 2010


When I think back..
I think my heart has been broken without me.. the owner.. realizing it..
but well..
I'm d kind dat can't stop to see d best in peoples..
even tho they've done sumthing wrong..


What If We Can Relive the Best Moment Again?!

Ok.. this is a 2008 ad by Orange TV..
frankly speaking..
i dunno wth is orange TV..
a TV package I think..
but dis ad is sooo sweet n creatives!




Mirror mirror on the wall..
who's d most obnoxious of 'em all?
Mirror mirror on the wall..
is it my own fault that I ended up like wut I am today?
Mirror mirror on the wall..
am I destined to just be like I am now?
Mirror mirror on the wall..
am I really existed just to be tossed aside when I'm no longer useful?
Mirror mirror on the wall..
am I really destined to be just another loser?
Mirror mirror on the wall..
Have I chose the wrong path?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paperplane Pursuit

at my 1st time of hearing dis songs.. 
I thought dis guys are foreigners..
so I looked 'em up in Rick Dees, Billboard.. etc..
but I found nothing..
n then.. i looked 'em up in Fly fm..
n found out they are local band..
n soo.. 
here is it..

Goodbye by Paperplane Pursuit

~~njoy!! (^-^)v

Monkey Business

My peaceful night has been invaded by a bunch of 'samseng' monkeys..
Damn monkeys..
they reside on my room's balcony..
they are doing sum serious shitty business there.. (seriously.. they were shitting there...A LOT)
Thanx to them..
I am now seriously sensitive to any clattering sounds..
I dunno wuts up with me n animals...
I seriously dont like animals..
but dont get me wrong..
I don't enjoy looking at those peoples who abused animals for their own fun or advantages..
ok.. back to my story..
back when I was in my secondary school.. form 4.. in b4.. RPS..
on one 'lucky' night.. a cat gave birth in a locker just beside my bed.. which I put my school's shirt in..
n 'lucky' me.. I got to heard d howling pain of d kitten's mom all night.. and I only got to sleep for like an hour.. n 'lucky' me.. d cat's blood was smeared all over my school's shirt..
n d worse thing is.. she even tried to move her kittens onto my bed...
n now.. a bunch of monkeys are residing on my room's balcony..
why oh why...
if only d animals are a bunch of handsome hunky guys..
I wouldn't mind if they want to bother me...
ok.. I sound like a desperate animal-hater


Friday, October 15, 2010

Unsettled Darkness

I just wonder..
What impression did I left on all d people I've met through out my life..
n these things kinda popped in my head...
over and over again..

primary school -> "ohh... she's Mr Burn's 1st daughter"
secondary school -> "ohh.. she's d big nerdy girl"
college prep -> "ohh.. she's d PDA girl"
university -> "ohh.. she's d girl who's driving d white MYVi"

am I really dat good for nothing girl who was only known for her things and appearance..
thinking about dat..
I think I really need to work my ass off to make my family proud of me..
maybe I could make a real big discoveries or new inventions in my life later on..

ohh.. I think I'm an arrogant snob.. thats why I ended up like who I am today.. padan muke


Saturday, October 9, 2010

le fou

i just watched the rerun of Beauty & the Beast in 3D at d cinema with buddy last thursday..
n soo..
dats y d name of dat stupid ass-licking assistant of Gaston ended up as the title of my post for today..
it has been almost a week since I've been back in dis land of chais and sarees..
although I've been doing nothing for 2 weeks in my home back in Ipoh..
n basically.. does not go out unless i have to picked up Iyman from school
n yes.. I kinda did horribly for my 2nd IA..
I've ate a lot of food n gained weight.. (how d hell did my tailor said I looked like I've lost sum weight.. well a lotta ppl did.. but when I went on d weighing machine it says otherwise... mysterious weight imbalance?!)
n yes.. I kinda have a new resolution to study a lil bit harder since d BIG FINAL EXAM is due in less then 3 months..
hurmm.. I didn't managed to meet up with my friends when I was in Malaysia.. sorry guys.. (apparently.. most of them can't take off from work... n it seems like I'm d only one who still fools around in a very unadult-like behavior) n i felt terrible for dat..
hell yeah.. my life is routined as ever..
n I dont think I'd left a deep impression on anyone if I'm gone