Wednesday, April 29, 2009



.: Final exam.. medical diagnostic II - 9-12 am
.: Final exam.. malaysian studies- 2-4pm

n after dat..

practically.. I finished my degree..
.: except for d community medicine/practical part

wish me d best of luck!

.::. having a pretty bad headache
.::. hope everythings going to be OK


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lazy.. lazy.. me

It's d time for studying..
doing revision..
but with my characteristics..
instead of studying n doing all d intelligent stuff..
I'm hooked to d net..
even though there's really nothing to it..
kinda tired of facebook..
n there's no new interesting manga for me to read..
for now...
I'm sooo into Youtubing..
kinda hooked to d all sorts of korean variety show..
n not forgetting..
all d hits song..
dance hits by the korean group n band...
it kinda stick to my mind coz of all d pretty girls in it...
If only I were that pretty..
fine... laugh at me..
I know.. girl/boy band is lame..
laugh all u want..
d heck..

first n foremost.. d Gee song sang by SNSD or Girls Generation:

n now.. d parody made by Infinity Challenge.. 6 guys.. including Hot Junjin..

also.. a very colorful video.. Big Bang featuring 2NE1.. lollipop song. It was made for a handphone ads actually... d Lollipop handphone by LG

also.. d dance hit by Lee Hyo Ri.. U go girl.. I know its old.. but d heck..

did u notice dat when they danced for d OK part... (after d phone call part)..
it was d act of a girl getting ready for going out.. putting on earring, took off d clothes, put on d clothes, put on d stoking...

hahaha.. n u know wut.. d girl in d U go girl vid is in her 30s... n she likes to cheat in game.. in variety show.. hehehehe


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stomach Cram

Owhh... I'm suffering...
for d pain..
dat comes..
each n every month..
worsen by d environment..
worsen by d moods..
as if..
I've put on a moodulator (a device mentioned in Kim Possible)..

wut an exaggerated intro.. hahaha

I've been thinking...
n done a lot of thinking..
n from dis brain of mine..
things just came out..
wut should I really do in my life?
I'm turning 22 in 7 months time..
I'm going to get my 1st degree within 3 months time (god's willing)
I'm practically an adult..
am I a high-quality bachelor holder?
can I secure a job?
do people want to hire me?
n to top all of dat..
I think I am not yet ready for d adult/real world..
living on my own expenses..
saving for house, car, bills, my mom n dad, my siblings...
no more leisureliness or playing all day long..
do I really want to further my studies in medic? or master in biomed?
wut should I really do with my life?

n to top dat.. my mom kept bugging me to start looking for certain sumone?????????

Can't I just simply live my life leisurely without worries?
i can work as a kindergarten teachers..
or should i write a book..
or just simply design anything..
or just being a DJ (hehehe.. I kinda have natural talent for dat.. hahaha.. being a smug)

Should I start working out vigorously? for future health undertaking?
(I have high bp n diabetic gene in my DNA)

as an adult..
can I cope with d world?
can I become one of d great peoples who contributes for d worlds future or peace?
am I going to be religious enough to guide other peoples?
can I manage to earn enough to let my mom, dad, aunts n grandmom have a leisure future life?
did I manage to fulfill my parents hope?
am I not going to be another failure?
can I be a good role model to my sisters n brothers?
how many am I going to earn for my work worth?
am I going to be a healthy person?
am I going to have my own family? children?
can I repay my parents deeds to me?
am I going to be a good person?

does everything dat happens in d world is just simply a coincidental or inevitable?
does everyone really have d same opportunity to succeeds in life?
does d world really work like karma?

one thing for sure..




n I really hope I can hold into d phrase till my last breath


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I think it has been almost a week since it last rains in Shah Alam..
n I was trapped in dis 'boxed' apartment (accept during class)..
an apartment without d air-cond..
in a tropical country..
which d temperature reaches 32 degree celsius outside..
Its like a sauna..
accept dat..
i cant just sit n do nothing like in d sauna..
i feel like an overheated slug lying on d apartment's floor..
Gosh.. hope dis kinda heat would end soon..
Alhamdulillah however,
d heat is not to d point where it is unbearable like in d african continent..

Last thursday..
after d class has been cancelled on wednesday.. n thursday..
n out of frustration..(frust laa konon2 x de klas)
annis suggested dat we go n watched Coming Soon..
a Thai horror movie..
about a ghost in d cinema..
I didnt agree A.S.A.P
bcoz I'm afraid dat I'm too tired after an imsoniac nite (couldt sleep coz of d heat)..
n its thursday..
its d day for me to do my hair treatment..
so after updating my bank accounts,
went to d saloon for a treatment..
n met with Jama there..
she's in sum sorta messed up condition (in misery coz her bradband didnt work n Maxis told her dat it might take up to 10 days b4 they can fix her sitch)
then... 30 minutes later..
anis n sya also came to d saloon..
n we further discussed bout watching d horror movie..
n so.. after discussion n all kind of talks..
I agree to go n watched d movie..
n guess wut??

n so r 25 other peoples from my class..
hahaha.. insane case..
went for a midnite movies with 25 peoples..
really seems like a school trip.. hahahahahaha..
n to be more exagerating..
they bought couple seat tix for all of d 26 tickets..
d tixS for 26 peepS...

obviously.. I managed to get d couple seat to myself..
(well.. at first wawa seat there.. but she moves to d front row.. coz we were seated at d back row.. n maybe she's not comfortable with it or with me.. hahahahaha)
so.. I sat comfortably at d couple seat by myself..
just like I was sitting on d couch back at my home..
d movie was boring..
It's kinda surprising..
but not very scary..
I even laugh my heart out when both annis n farah scream when d ghost appears..
n after d movie.. they were suggesting for us to lepak at murni..
but after 15 minutes of sesat..
decide to went back home..
as Aishah is alone at home..
looking for a parking space..
n d parking 'process' took a lil longer time..
then.. when i finally reached home..
a msg came in..
n with High hopes of tomorow class will be canceled..
d hope was crush when d psycho dude.. who left d letter at my car for analhuda texted me..
(after d 3rd letter.. I decide to text him n lie to him dat d girl he was looking for is studying overseas.. n stopped leaving letters on my car.. as I was worried he might do sumthing to my car.. but.. damn.. its a huge mistake.. coz d guy is now bugging me for my email n friendster.. maybe he wants to search for analhuda thru my fs acc., I should have just ignore d dude)
d text msg sounded like dis..

"Salam.. ai sori ggu.. t'nmpk kt luar td.. lewat blk.. ade jer 5 org dlm keta.."
rough translation..
"sorry disturbing.. saw u gurls outside.. its kinda late for u gurls to came back home at times like dis.. I saw 5 of u in d car"

n i was like
WTFH is wrong with dis dude..?!?!?!
back off laaa..
since I've never even replied ur msg...
n oficially..
my car has been an object stalked by people..
its not me.. obviously.. haha

had anatomy class dis morning..
n I'm having a lazy weekend.. n njoying it..
accept for d heat..
n I realised dat (realised since long ago)
I have a habit dat people might find its a lil annoying..
I tend to switched off d light when there's no people occupying d space.. even though d space is not my own personal space n room..
for example.. d room of my housemates.. when they get out of their room..
they tend to leave d light on..
even though they were not going to be in d room for a long period..
so.. when I saw dat kind of incident.. I will go n switched off d light..
n they were like
'just leave d light on laa.. we'll come in later.. its more energy consuming if u off d light n we on d light back..'
n with muke slambe..
I will just walk away n said.. just turn on d light when u need to use it..
well.. I know..
its annoying..
it has been my habit since I hate seeing d lights were switched on without purpose..
n dey also like to leave their lights on when they are obviously sleeping..
soo.. I'm doing them a favor aight?!
since sleeping under lights is not really good for ur facial skin..

haaaa... I forgot to tell u guys bout d new CD of Gazette's l8est single.. (d on on left) it has arrived!! Yatta!! Tsubarashi des!

n I dunno if I can sleep tonite.. its kida hot.. feels lke taking d bath for d second time on night..

n i just watched a korean reality how.. title: We Got Married
d show hooked sum celebrities together.. n they 'got married' just for d show..
they're not even dating each other b4 d show..
they live like a married couple (same house.. separated room) for a few months..
n I was totally into d Hwanyobi couple.. Hwanhee n Hwayobi..
d guy likes to teased d girl..
but he actually have a good heart n really does care for d girl..
n d girl is soo lively n lovely..
but they have decide to quit d show on last february..
here's one of their cute episode of d show..

they really looked soo cute together..

OK.. d heat is making me sweating a lot.. so.. I'm off first.. jaa ne!

forgot to mention.. met najwa.. a junior back at school.. working part time at d tgv countr.. she's gonna further her studies in UK on september.. cograts gurl!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank God...!

Got my result today..
although my results is not perfect..
n not as good as all of my housemates n coursemates..
coz.. for one paper.. medical diagnostic..
I really cant answer well during d final exam paper..

n.. I also got summoned from MBSA coz I exceeded d parking time...
shit..... shoot.... fu**ing hell..
its only due 10 minutes..
seriously.. d prking ticket was paid until 11.50 am.. n d summons were given at 12.03pm...
WTFH is wrong with all d MBSA guys????
common laa..
10 minutes???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n I have to pay rm20 for just dat 10 minutes??????????????????
f***ing hell btol laa..

OK.. officially.. I'm soo addicted to an old korean game show now..
n while i was surfing.. found dis dunkin donut comercial by Lee Min Ho..
Gosh...! He's HAWT..

*I'm Lurvin' It*


Friday, April 10, 2009

OMG! Lee Min Ho..

Lee Min Ho is totally HAWT in d new beer CF..
n he sang d songs in d CF too..
OMG! total awesomeness..

d Korean version

d English version


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things Dat I Hate

Last nite.. we went to watch d Queens of Langkasuka.. its a bit lenghty.. but overalll.. d movie is quite good.. thumbs up for d thailand movie..

Well.. I dunno y.. lately.. I've been out of d mood..
first of all..
dis post is not referring to anyone..
but if anyone kinda 'terase' with it..
maybe u've done all dat things to me..


Things dat I hatE:
-I hate people ignoring wut I ask
-I kinda hate waiting
-I hate peoples calling others selfish without realising dat d act of him/her calling me selfish is more selfish..
As example:
Ji Hoo: weyh nieda, jom pegi funfair , ramai2.. jom arr..
nieda: tanaklaa.. x de duit.. lgpon pnt laa.. sorry
Ji Hoo: alaa.. jom laaa.. rmi2 br syok.. jgn laa jdk SELFISH!
WTFH?!?!?!?!?!?! WTFH is wrong with u???
mcm tu pn selfish ke??????!!!!
didnt u realise dat u r more selfish n cruel by calling me selfish?!?!?!
its not dat I tgglkn u kt tgh2 jln n went back home.. itu br selfish

-I hate selfish peoples
-I hate peoples using or invade my personal space without asking or telling me
-I hate doing revision
-I hate all d damn selfish drivers n motorcyclist..

Hello?! ko bwk motor tgh2 jln tu.. ko igt jln tu bpk ko punye?!?!?!?!?!
Tau laa kete ko besar.. dah tuh ko nk himpit2 kete aku plak kan.. pastuh hon2 org ..
ko igt jalan kt Malaysia nih bapak ko punye???
Lain laa kalau bpk ko pemilik Plus ke, Guthrie ke..
itu pon... org lain dh byr cukai jalan OK?!?!?!?!
-I hate being underestimated by peoples
As example:
d hell?? u've got style honey...
but dunt u ever dare looked down on peoples who wears head
scarves like they're from kampung n all dat..
believe me.. I am far more intelligent n cool from dat chicken head of urs..

-I hate being with peoples who seems like to make noise no matter where u are
-I hate having class at 8 am..
-I hate shops who have bad customer service
d hell....??????
d customers r d one who ensure u get ur paycheck every month..
so be nice.. even though we didnt intend to buy ur things..
-I hate bad traffic
-I hate myself for being lazy
-I don't like being late to a class or any event
-I hate people who pretends dat he/she didn't recognise me even though we used to be school mate or whatever mate
-I hate subjects dat required memorising skills
-I hate doing my assignments..
-I hate being broke
-I hate the feeling of guilty
-I hate it when sum peeps turn things around n make sumhow me feel guilty about it
-I hate ungrateful people
-I hate peoples who took me for her/his advantages


Monday, April 6, 2009

Queens of Langkasuka

While I was watching d Race to Witch Mountain at MidValley last 3 weekends..
dis trailer was played b4 d movie started..
its a Thailand's production..
I am quite thrilled with d trailer..
It looks like one of d big budget movies..
well.. furthermore... d actor who plays prince of pahang is Jesadaporn..
he's soo cool..

d synopsis of d movie:

Queen Hijau of Pattani faces overthrow by the rebel Prince Rawai, who is allied with pirate captain Black Raven. The pirates attempt to capture some giant cannon invented by Dutchman Janis Bree and Chinese inventor Lim Kium, but the Dutch ship carrying the cannon blows up and the cannons sink into the sea.

Meanwhile, an orphan sea gypsy boy named Pari is raised in a fishing village, which is constantly under attack by Black Raven's raiding parties. The boy, gifted in the magical art of Du Lum, is taken by his uncle Anjar to learn more of the magical ways of the ocean from White Ray, but the sage refuses to teach the boy. Nonetheless, Pari is soon communicating with the marine life. He grows into manhood and becomes a fighter against Black Raven's pirates.

Black Raven, also a practitioner in the Du Lum ocean magical arts, has been trying to raise the cannons from the depths of the sea.

Queen Hijau wants her own large cannons and seeks the inventor Lim Kium, who has been living in the sea gypsy fishing village. She sends away her daughters, Princess Ungu and Princess Biru. They will be under the protection of the queen's loyal commander, the fierce martial artist Lord Jarang.

At the fishing village, Lord Jarang comes under attack. Pari aids Jarang in fighting off the pirates, and Jarang makes his escape. In the confusion, Princess Ungu is believed to have been killed, but she has actually been rescued by Pari and taken to White Ray's remote island.

There, a romance develops between Ungu and Pari, but neither are able to commit. Ungu is due to marry the Prince of Pahang, an important ally of Langkasuka. And Pari is still tortured by the death of his childhood sweetheart at the hands of Black Raven's men.

In a cave on the island, Pari encounters Black Ray, an evil, unstable alter ego of White Ray, and Pari begins to learn more about Du Lum and the conflict between the black and white sides of the practice.

*p/s: d movie has actually been uploaded on youtube.. but it has no subs.. n its gonna come out in Malaysia dis 9th April..


Off WaterfaLL, LakE n MidValley Weekend

After Watching Fast & Furious 4 (Pantas & Garang - muahahahaha) on d friday nights..
[Fine.. fine.. frankly speaking.. d movie ends on Saturday's morning]
Went back home at reached home at about 2.00 am ..
n as u read my previous post..
we didn't have any particular plan..
coz.. u see..
out of 6 of us (housemates)..
d only gurls staying at home dis weekend is me n analhuda..
got up on saturday at about 10.30am (OoooPpsS... confirm2 org ckp x blh buat calon menantu)
n as usual.. Switching on my laptop n checking out my email n all dat..
n suddenly.. Efi invited me into a froum (via YM)
hahaha.. n out of d blue.... we were like.. decided to go for a picnic..
n so.. off 10 students of MSU went to Serendah Waterfalls.. Rawang..
[10 budak MSU pegi masuk mandi air terjun kt tmpt org]
-decide to let farid do d driving.. i dunno d way-
as we nearly reached d Rawang town.. d road was jammed packed with vehicles..
n we were like.. Urghh.. so hungry..
so... we stopped at mydin to buy our picnic supplies.. n bought a bucket of KFC..
after dat..
we stopped at a mosque to perform our Zohor prayer..
then.. off we went to d waterfalls..
d water fall is not dat big.. but man.. d waterfall was like sooo deras..
n d place was not dat big.. so it's kinda nice..

as u know..
I lurveSSss playing with d water..
So.. mmg mandi air terjun x igt dunie laa..
hahaha.. we were there until 6 pm..
after changing into dry clothes..
I was like..
sneezing my head off..
hahaha.. me n my sinusitis..
stopped by at d mosuqe again for Asar Prayer..
then.. we decide to had a picnic at d Tasik Biru Kundang..
coz we didn't manage to finish d sandwich dat we bought earlier..
dh laa picnic kt tasik time dh nk maghrib..
x senonoh punye budak2 MSU..
Then.. we went to search for d mosque for Magrib Prayer..
Boleh plak main pusing2 kt kampung tu x jumpe masjid..
rupe2nye.. masjid tgh renovate.. so ade masjid sementare...

after dat, we decide to had our dinner at a restaurant by d lake...
then.. guess wut did these 10 students do while having their dinner..
we played d..
TRUTH or DARE game..
I chose truth first.. didn't get any Killer question..
but had to be dared d 2nd round..
I have to serve d foods to d other customer at d restaurant...
while.. others have to wash d dishes, do d hardgay dance...
*sah2 org2 kt restoren tuh ckp kt anak2 diorg - jgn jdk cam bdk2 nih bile bsr*
then.. off we went back to Seroja..
had a lil' ghost story session in d car..

then.. on sunday morning
[again.. woke up at about 10.30 am]
analhuda was like - "nieda.. r u coming or not..?"
she want to go to MidValley to meet with Mariam.. her school mate..
n sooo...
off 5 students of MSU to d MidValley..
even tho.. my shopping quota dh hbs..
just went there for sum leisure time
[Berangan laa ko nieda.. konon nk buat keje malaysian studies.. last2 smpi skrg ko x start2]
hahahaha.. after a lot of camwhoring n all..
ayin n sya insist to watched a movie..
n we watched Knowing..
its an alien thingy movie.. konon2 dh nk kiamat.. not to my liking
we decide to head back to Shah Alam..
n then..
Ayin - "aku lapar"
then.. off we went to Pak Li Kopitiam...
still.. d gurls were camwhoring d whole time.. no matter where n when..
had a splendid weekend..
I didnt start anything yet on my Malaysian Studies assignment..
gosh... if there's anyone that can help me..
pls pls pls
pretty please help me...
I dunt know anything bout economy but shopping..


Friday, April 3, 2009

Pantas & Garang 4

Pantas & Garang 4?
wut d heck is dat?
u'll find d meaning later on..

fewh.. had d final exam for BM yesterday morning..
have u ever had a final exam after only 3 weeks of class??
well.. u obviously can experienced all dat in MSU...
plus.. writing ur proposal n research paper within 4 months...
u can experience all dat..
only in MSU..
n next week..
were gonna had 3 weeks of medical diagnostic and physiology & anatomy skills class..
n seriously.. d 3 weeks include mid sem, quizzes n assignment.. not only classes..
heck.. i dam 'LURVE' d way my college manage things for their students..
Oops!! did I say 'COLLEGE'...
sorry.. it was supposed to be a 'UNIVERSITY'..
'pardon' me..

OK.. after 3 weeks of BM n Malaysian Studies classes.. we tot dat were gonna be having a short break..
well.. not expecting for a long break..
3-4 days break is quite a blessing ofr us now..
so.. sum of us planned to go back to their hometown..
Obviously.. there will be no break...
Monday.. 8 am.. straight back to class..
not forgetting.. 2 hours of lab at 3 pm.... everyday.. hurmmm..
so.. they went on their self-made holidays...

Went to send them off at the bus station after doing d Maghrib Prayer..
kinda suggested to analhuda... (we were d only one left on d house.. not going anywhere)
"hey.. wanna catch a movie tonite?" - misznieda
"movie? wut movie? blh gak" - analhuda
"Fast & Furious" - misznieda
"OK.. is it only 2 of us?"- analhuda
"I was thinking of inviting d gurls next door" - misznieda
n so together with analhuda, budS n Sya..
we went to cineleisure after sending off farra, aida n dee at d bus station..
(dee went with her BF actually)

n surprise surprise...
d parking at d cineleisure are full..
WTH?? so far as I recall..
i never got into no parking space at cineleisure..
so we parked at the curve..

walk.. walk.. n walk..
Heck.. d line for d tix is as long as ever..
n all d counter was opened too..
then.. reached our turn.. after about 10 minutes of queue
"Fast & Furious please.." -misznieda 2gether with sya
n heck.. d guy gave us d 'look'
hahahaha... we only manage to get d most front seat.. at d left end of d cinema..
so.. while waiting for d movie..
we decided to try d pancakes at d paddington pancakes..
pancakes in d middle of d nite..
complete with iced mocha with whipped cream..
wut a delight.. ( not to mention d best way to gain calories!)

n yikes!
its 11.20pm already.. (our movie due to starts in 10 minutes)
walk.. walk.. walk..
n took our seat..
watch d trailer of a movie by johnny depp..
cant remember d name..
n so d movie starts..
d translation for FAST& FURIOUS 4 was PANTAS & GARANG 4
hahaha.. we were like LMAO.. LOL..
d movie is quite good..
action packed..
with d original cast from d 1st installment of d movie..
adrenaline rush.. makes me wanna drive like dat too..
hahaha.. OOoopSssie..
dats a definite NO...!

so.. after we finish watching it..
we were like..
"OK... hari ini saya menonton Pantas & Garang ke-4 di panggung wayang gambar"
muahahahaha.. ROFL.. BM much..

OK.. watched Gossip Girl 20 last 2 days..
n heck..
Vanessa had sex with Chuck... (Ooopss.. can I write dat in my blog?!?!)
hahaha.. d series tend to put real life couple on screen..
well.. I do lurve d couple..
Nate with Blair again..
Serena went to be wild again..
its typical of television series to be like dat.. they kept referring to d starting point..
be it One Tree Hill, Heroes, n many more..

hahaha.. for now... I'm soooo hooked to all d CF done by d BBF casts..
Youtubing.. all day n nite.. hehehe
hahaha.. d mocha dat I drank.. made me acting like an OWL tonite..
owhh.. well.. I think d effects are not going to last for long..
Bon Nuitte everyone!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


just sooo in lurve with dis CF
it features jo in sung n goo hye sun..
FYI.. tous les jours is a famous cake shop in korea
they look soooo sweet together.. :)


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OMG! BBF dh hbs...

After 13 weeks of devoted effort of following d boys before flowers drama..
It has finally come to an end..
I was like.. sengih sampai telinge all day after watching d finale..
Well.. I can list d drama as one of d best korean dramas ever made..
on d plus side... hot HUNKS with large chunk of cash..
OMG..! I simply melted..
especially.. when d guys r superr extra sweeTT n caring..
haa.. wut a catch..
U can say dat its fairy tales..
but heck...
we all can dreams aight?!

Well.. I had my hair cut today..
due to sum comment by d guys in my class..
"psstt.. rambut ko terkeluar"
"psstt.. rambut hg terkeluaq dr tudung"
went to d saloon recommended by my housemate..
she was like..
"cik.. ur hair soo nipis laa, kusut laa, kering laa"
i was like..
previously... when i went to any saloon to get my hair done n cut..
d amoi must said
"u punye rambut byk lebat laa"
n now???
Gosh.. dat indicates how badly am I losing my hair..
am I too stressed out??
so.. decided to do a 'santa' (cocout milk) treatment..
Gosh.. now.. my hair smells like santan..
i used to have thick hair..
coz.. when i was still a baby..
my great grandmom used to put on coconut oil in my head..

"dulu.. arwah toknek slalu sapu minyak klape kt rambut kamu... smpi naik hitam bantal yg kamu gune mase baby" - my mom use to said dat
"hahaha.. kamu tgk rambut blonde abg boy kamu tu... kalau arwah toknek hidup lagi.. mst die kate.. pnt aku sapukan minyak klape kt rambut bdk nih dulu2" - my mom used to said dis too

hahahaha.... im babbling again
FYI.. no I didnt have any big bro or sis..
Abg Boy is my 'uncle' whose age are not soo differ with me
(I think he's around 25/26/27)
he used to act in sum drama as extra
well.. his dad n mom came from d entertainment world..

hahahahahaha.. there goes my babbling... AGAIN!

I just wanna put sum pic from d drama..
How I wish I could have a guy like all those 4 cool guys..

d hero

d 2nd hero

d hero n heroine

*lurving it*