Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last wednesday..
d class for community medicine has started..
n i was late for d 1st class..

When I enter d room..
I was like..
OMG! a foreign guy- doctor-lecturer
I was like.. gosh.. he must be mad for d tardiness..
as I know Malaysians is very well known for their tardiness..

Than god.. he was cool about it..
n he's from Iraq..
quite good looking..
n speaking with an American accent..
all d other girls were like 'Head Over Heels' for him..
I'm not..

hahahahaha.. guess I have d soft spot for d Blond hair guys n japanese n korean guys..
n d doctor wasn't blond haired.. neither japanese nor korean..
I have to admit..
he got the 'look'
does not really define d 'tall, dark & handsome' cliche
but.. he's definitely tall n handsome..
Click HERE to see d pic dat a friend of mine took of him secretly n post it up in her blog

I finished reading the other side of the story last tuesday..
Its interesting..
coz it had d stories of 3 girls in it..
n eventually..
dis 3 girls are related to each other in sort of a funny way..
My faves is Gemma's
Its hillarious at how she imagined things..
n now.. I was trying to finish the Dead Until Dark Book..
d first installment to d Sookie Stackhouse vampire stories..

n yesterday..
at last..
We had been confirmed of our studies status..
if our CGPA passed the 3.00 pointer..
we will be flew to IMS..
d offshore branch of MSU in Bangalore..
within this coming 2nd to 4th October
n so.. we're going to have to study for another 4 and a half year there..

fewh.. 4 and a half years..
dats quite a long period..
n Prof Asbi..
our dean.. tells us dat MSU is also going to do D MBBS programme in Malaysia..
I was like..
hey.. if in Malaysia..
I wont hesitate to study for another 4 and 1/2 years..
but.. d dean said.. d place has already been filled up..
i was like..
oww man...
4 n 1/2 years in overseas..
is not soooo enjoyable..
fine.. laugh at me..
I know most of peeps would say..
WTH.. just fly laa.. u have d chance..
oww man..

n after doing a rough calculation..
I'm going to have my mbbs when I'm 27/28
n certify to become a medical doctor when I'm 30
d numbers really make me doubt..
oww man..
i'm only going to earn my money when I'm 30..
d number sounds soooo old to me..
n my mom was like..
'jangan risau laa pasal kawen tu sume'
I was like..
I'm not worrying bout dat..
coz i myself realise dat d chances of me to be an ANDARTU is quite high.. (looking at d family hystory)
its just dat..
I tot I'm going to have a stable work n income n have quite lots of money when I'm 30..

deq lah's wedding invitation card hasn't arrived yet..
d ceremony's going to be held next week..
maybe she's too busy n forgot bout it..
guess I'll just call her later bout d venue..
congrats Deq Lah!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Crush(es)

OK.. lastfriday nite.. watched Night at the museum: battle of the smithsonian..
Its wickedly hillarious..
except for noisy cinema crowd..
n unpleasant smell
overall.. I enjoyed d movie..

Then.. last saturday.. was oding nothing..
Last sunday.. went to jusco bukit tinggi..
n intended to catch d push which have dakota fanning in it..
unfortunately.. Push wasn't played there..
so.. we decided to watch StarTrek..
n it was 10.45pm show..
just imagine..
we were like.. there for almost 12 hours..
analhuda n aida done sum serious shopping..
I didnt get anything for myself..
except 2 novels..
-Hunted [house of d night series] by P.C Cast
-Dark until Dead
n StarTrek is surprisingly entertaining

I admit it..
its another vampirish themed novels..
d heck.. I lurve those kind of things..

n yesterday..
I fasted for unsure reason..
n went to Eiman's Tomyam for berbuka..
d foods and ambience is quite nice..

uh huh.. n buddy recommended to me a book.. about 600+ pages..
The Other Side of the Story written by Marian Keyes..
its wickedly interesting..

hahahaha.. wuts with me n d 'wicked' words?
hahahaha.. guess.. I just cant wait for HP 6th movie installment to come out..

received yet another not so pleasing news..
were going throunf a nother week of crash course class..
most probably.. next week..
we're going to hospital Jempol, Negri Sembilan for our community medicine..
n d worst thing is..
its gonna be a whole month!!
a whole month living in a hostel!!

Gosh.. I hate staying in hostels..

btw.. while I was reading d novel dat buddy lent me..
I was thinking of doing a post about My Crush (es)..
hahaha.. yeah.. noticed the -> (es)
I have lots of crushes..

here's d LIST:
1. Takuya Kimura
2. Chad Michael Murray
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Takashi Sorimachi
5. Hideaki Takizawa
6. Tamaki Hiroshi
7. Hyde / hideto takarai
8. Gackt / Kamui Gakuto
9. Ruki of The GazettE
10. Kai of The GazettE
11. Uruha of The GazettE
12. Lee Min Ho
13. Bi Rain
14. Orlando Bloom
15. Johnny Depp
16. Tom Cruise
17. My Math's Lecturer in KMPk
18. A guy who is soo polite during d newspaper event in KMPk
19. A senior in my college
20. Ben Barnes
21. Robert Pattinson

well.. there's a lot more.. but I couldn't remember it.. hahahahahaha..
I forgot..

Finally.. I finished d Gossip Girl season 2!!
yeay me!!
kinda lurving d finale..
hahaha.. n seriously cant waith for d new season..

how is B going to react when she realises G is her new dormmate in NYU..
are D n S going to meet their long lost brother?
does L n R really ties d knot?
is lil' J really going to be d good arse Constance Queen?
how is B n C relationship going?
are N n V going to rekindles their relationship?
is d GG going to be more vicious dat they are in college now?
is S going to find he real father?

well.. its all remained a s questions until d new season came out..

my throats are killing me.. n I sumtimes croaked.. gosh..



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crime Scene

Mother, child and maid murdered by robbers, one fleeing suspect caught
IPOH, Wed:

A hair saloon owner, her five-year-old son and her maid were brutally murdered by two robbers at their single-storey corner-lot house in Taman Pinji Seni in Ipoh at 2.45pm today. However, one of the robbers, a 26-year-old suspected drug addict with a long criminal record, was nabbed minutes by a friend of the victims who happened to be nearby.

The victims have been idenitifed as Wah Ya Matzi, 42, Ermin Denish, five, and Indonesian maid only known as Dani, 18.

The bodies have been sent to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital for a post-mortem. They suffered stab and slash wounds. A knife was recovered from the scene.

Three other children, two girls and a boy, and Wah Ya's husband, Jaffri Tajul Aripin, 47, a bank officer, was not in the house during the crime.

Family members were too distraught to speak to the Press. The terrace house is located on a corner lot and there are few shophouses not far from the house.
An employee and an old friend of the saloon owner, Hasnida Ibrahim, 37, said: "I last saw my boss when she brought home cooked food for the employees at the saloon and left home."

"She just sold her saloon at Yik Foong shopping complex a few days ago and was in the midst of shifitng her things to another saloon which had been operating for some time in Greentown."

Another worker, Mohd Zaid Tajuddin, 27, "my boss was in her usual self and was a happy go lucky person...we are all shocked by the murder."

Perak Police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah said the suspect was under the influence of drugs and had previous criminal record when he committed the murder-robbery at 2.45pm.

The passer-by was driving near the victims' house when he saw his friend looking very distressed.

The wife had called the husband when the robbery was in progress and he rushed home.

At this juncture, the friend spotted the suspect climbing over the gate and tried to escape in a motorcycle. On seeing the commotion he chased the suspect in his car and cornered him not far from the house.

He also caught the suspect before calling the police. The suspect had been remanded.

Investigation revealed a laptop was missing from the house. Police are still trying to ascertain whether other valuables were taken.

n d scariest part is..
I think d thief has been to my house b4 dat..
on afternoon..
after picking up Iyman from school..
I forgot n left the gate open..
Syukur Alhamdulillah..
My aunts n cousZ is in my house on dat very afternoon..
n so we had our lunch..
after lunch.
my aunt.. Yang (aery's mother) saw sumone, a guy in front of our house with his hands in the bag..
n he was asking..
'ramai orang ke kat umah?'
n my aunt just replied yes..
he looks derailed n kinda lalok..
a junkie maybe..

then.. maybe he panicked.. n he didnt suspect there's many people at home.. he ran n escaped..
n my mom was like soo cuak.. n she's just ready to yell my name..
I was at d kitchen at dat time..

Taman Pinji Seni is just near to my house..
n b4 dat.. he has stole sumthing from other houses near my house.. but he just stole anything outside..
amybe he's just plain desperate to get sum money to buy sum pot..
after hearing d incident in d news..
my family was like.. sooo.. grateful nothing happened to us..
maybe the parang dat he used to slash d poor victims was placed in the bag.. where he puts his hands in..

I just can't imagine wut would happen if there were only me, my mom n Iyman in house at dat time..
d news would change to.. a mother, a daughter n son were slashed to death.. sumthing like dat..
n dis morning.. my dad kinda confirmed us dat d guy dat slashed those poor peoples is d same guy who entered our compound..

ALHAMDULILLAH nothing happened to us..


Uber wut??

1. Copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda..

2. Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini..

1. Kausar.. d only girl cousZ whom is d same age as me
2. she's quite afighter.. (hahahaha.. berdarah hidung kene tumbuk ngan die mase kecik)
3. she's d only girl in her family (except for her mom laa.. she has 2 older bros n 3/4 lil bros.. sorry cousZ.. dah lupe laa.. lame x jumpe)
4. Well.. she's a good girl.. way better than me.. :)
5. she's studying business in UiTM Segamat

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya..

1. Kinda introvert.
2. Kinda shopaholic.
3. Still studying.
4. I'm quarter chinese.. hehehehehe
5. believe dat everythings happen for a reason.
6. I'm d first child of 6
7. I have 2 cousin who is d same age as me.. aery n kausar
8. I was born on 14th November 1987
9. Kinda berani tak kene tempat
10. Kind fanatic about japanese pop culture

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka..

1. Erma - a petite gurl who speaks her heart out
2. Yin - my friend who is soo thin.. studying medic in Indon
3. Buddy - my gila-gila thingy mate
4. Barb - my jump mate (hahahahahaha)
5. Amir - primary school mate.. he's quite a babble
6. Sya - si comel yg sukekan nature
7. Honey - d gila joli girl.. hehehe.. n d girl who floats in water..
8. Iba - my housemate's bf.. he has helped me a lot.. regarding car n all dat
9. Roach - a brilliant photographer who is madly in love with nesya
10. Nesya - a cute bubbly gurl who is deeply in love with roach
11. Ika - my cute lil source for my japanese pop culture craving

If u have received this award, then you have double award. Good luck.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Extra.. Extra..

a lil pic update during my break..

My new Carlo Rino Peep Toe Heels which i got for 50% off.. (previos post for details)

d piles of kulit udang

Comot's idea of lazying around

Yeay me!!
Ika just texted me dis morning..
n guess wut???
she told me dat..
d class wont start dis week..
n d reports are to be handed in dis friday.. so..
I'd have my break until then..
so sorry for all d MARA peeps who has gone back to seroja..
I was like..
dancing joyously when i read d message..

went to Taiping..
Paying a visit to my lil sis..
n so.. dat was d reason why i dunt get back to Seroja yesterday..
(n we thought.. or we r supposed to have classes starts today)
coz my mom was bragging all about d Prawn noodle in Taiping dat have large or should i say enormous prawn in it..
its large..

n soo.. off to Taiping yesterday..
n d weather was good..
(a bit too hot for me actually)
n my mom was like..
Gosh... its a record dat we managed to reach Taiping without any rains..
maybe its bcoz we brought d Shah Alam people with us today (dats me!)
[FYI.. Taiping is d most humid town in Malaysia.. n its like.. d days without rains there is kinda rare]
we pick Azah up at her MRSM Taiping..
Gosh.. her hostel uniforms was like neon green.. n we called it.. Katak Hjau.. [Green Froggy]
went food-hunting for lunch..
[eager to find out how large d prawns are]
n we found a place.. [Mak Teh Mi Banjir Udang]
which previously have been featured on d TV..
If i'm not mistaken.. in Majalah 3..
n soo.. we sit n placed our order..
d foods were priced at RM6, RM 10 and RM12
d price were according to d prawn size...
d RM6 plate is served with a reared prawns..
while RM10 plate is served with d sea prawns..
n also d RM12 plate.. its just dat.. d prawns in d RM12 serving is enourmous..
while d RM10 serving prawns are large..

too caught up with d prawns..
I forgot to snap d pic..
n I just snap d kulit udang yg dh kopek pic.. huge pile of it

ah-ha.. last night.. I have a dream..
which I really like..
I have mountains of shoes..
gladiators, boots, oxford..
just name it.. i got it all..
n poof.. it was just a dream..

Friday, May 15, 2009

So much for d lil' break..

As I told u guys n gals in my previous post..
We've been given a 12 days break after 6-7 months of nonstop crash coursing..
Which has made sum of us.. or should I say all of us that gone half crazy, sick, n just being seriously fed up..

I got home on last thursday afternoon..
as expected..
at home..
there's nothing much to do..
(says of a lazy gal)
its revenge time.. n by revenge..
I mean.. lazying around.. eating home cooked meal.. watching lots of TV..

n now.. I'm in CC accompanying my lil bro..
n heck I hate being in CC..
its not private enough for us to do as we like..
Iyman wants to play d counter strike..
as a kind n great sis..
I brought him here..
(hahahaha.. oops.. didnt mean to brag)

Its Friday already????
d 2nd friday???

d 6 reports..
how d hell am I going to finish it...
i manage to do 2 of d reports last nite..
(d drawings are not yet done)

n every nite..
I will be d last person to get into bed..
n as usual..
I was alone... oops.. forgot about comot..
together with Comot on d downstairs..

n stupid Comot.. was like..
doing d Manja2 thingy.. n i just smack him with d cushion..
d heck..
I wouldn't want to touch him..
I hate cats..
I hate animals..
but i didnt hate animals to d extend dat I want them to be dead..
I hate peoples who kills animal cruelly..
watched sum of d vids..
dunno wut d hell is going on their mind..
they just strip d animals of their fur or skin without killing them first..
I mean..
they're god's creature..
for God's sake..
have a lil mercy for them..

Stupid comot.. peeing all around d home..
stupid horny perverted comot...

hahahahha.. n here I was babbling about Comot..

haa.. yesterday.. I was accompanying my mom to Ipoh Parade..
there's sumthing wrong with d massage thingy dat she gave to my father for his bday..
then.. doing sum window shopping.. n fortunately.. (hahahaha.. dramatic effect)
found a carlo rino peep toe.. (i chose d silver one)
which is on 50% discount..
d shoes was actually priced at RM 129.00.. n I got to bought it at d price RM 64.50..
Well... It was quite a good bargain aight?!?!

n I am currently reading d Confession of Shopaholic..
(fine.. fine.. its kinda old already)
n Thank God..!
I'm not as chronic as Rebecca Bloomwood..
I'm getting bored...
Iyman hasn't finished with d game yet..


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


OK.. d songs might be a lil old.. but I just heard it dis evening.. n I just lurves it..
d song is soooo sweeet..
probably.. the guys r tring to repeat their success with hey there delilah again?!

d lyrics:
1234 by Plain White T's

Give me more loving than I’ve ever had
Make me feel better when I’m feeling sad
Tell me I’m special even though I know I’m not
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
Barely getting mad
I’m so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy
Its as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you
(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
(I love you) I love you

Give me more loving from the very start
Piece me back together when I fall apart
Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
You’re the best that I’ve had
And I’m so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy
It’s easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you
(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
(I love you) I love you
(I love you) I love you

You make it easy
It’s easy as 1 2 1 2 3 4

There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you
(I love you) I love you
There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
(I love you) I love you

(I love you) I love you
I love you
(I love you) I love you.


My First Time with .....

Its May.. and I've had sum things dat prevent me from updating my blog regularly..

The things are:
.::. My foolishness
.::. My Lazyness
.::. My Mid Sem
.::. My Final Exam
.::. There's no event or stories to be told
.::. been bz with going back and forth to UKM KL

hehehe.. is it just me.. dat I think.. d things dat I listed above is just soooo like d answering scheme for exam questions.. hahahaha

OK.. practically..
or should I say theoretically..
hurmm.. thinking back..
I think.. HYPOTHETICALLY would be more appropriate for d following sentence..

Hypothetically.. I have finished my degree... YATTA!!!
except for d 8 modules of community medicine..
n finally...
after 6-7 months of no holidays and break.. (except for weekends and public holiday)
we were allowed for having a break for about a 2 weeks ( to be exact.. 1 week and 5 days)
starting last wednesday...
yeay me!!
I'm going back home...!!
missed my bed..
missed my mom's cooking..
obviously.. didnt miss Comot..
missed being pampered at home..
Its not dat easy..
It seems like...
d college.. or should i say.. our UNIVERSITY..
really.. really like to torture the students..
n here we thought we have d time to ourselves..
after months of torturous, hectic, crammed, crazy.. learning or class schedule..
they finally gave us a break..
n d break.. came with conditions..
we have to submit 6 reports right after d break..
Reports bout what...? well.. d sotry goes like this..

Last monday..
me n 40 classmates of mine.. together with d lecturer..
went to UKM for a dissection class..
with a real CADAVER..
It was my first time meeting up with a real cadaver..
n I was like..
'Damn it.. silly me.. why the hell did I take breakfast for this morning?!?!'
n it was only 3 piece of sandwich..
when we finally arrived at d UKM KL campus.. we waited at d Anatomy Museum..
bcoz.. Its monday.. n well.. as we know... typical monday blues..
d class will actually start at 10am..
we had like 1 hour b4 10am..
so.. we waited in the anatomy museum..
where real organs, specimens, babies, fetus, and etc.. werefixed and displayed..
and just by looking at all those stuff..
I felt nauseated..
damn it.. how d hell am I going to be a doctor like this?!?!?!
control ur breathing nieda..
calm down..
chew sum mint candies..
then It will be OK..
n I called my mom..
she just laughed and said.. what to do? its an ibstacle dat u must go through.. just selawat banyak2..
OK.. after all dat... gather my courage.. n finally we were called to the dissection hall..
GosH.. beside d locker room.. there was sum rooms..
there were bodies inside the room!!

at first.. they play a CD on d systems in human body..
then.. after dat..
i realised that there is 2 tray..
with sumthing on it..
but it was covered by a blue plastic cover...
n.. when they took off the cover..
I was like..
Its a human torso..
and a human leg!!
n with dat..
I reallly felt like vomiting..
but i hate d atertaste of vomitting.. so I tried to put up with it..
it was one thing to looked and 'play' with it..
d formalin..
URGH.. really make my stomach churn..
we were supposed to differentiate between veins, arteries and nerve..
so.. in order to do that.. we have to feels and touched d leg..
gather up my courage...
n finally.. I can touch it!!
yeay me!!
(although after few fail attempts and few incidents where I really feels like throwing up)
I did it!

everyone else were like sooo excited & enthusiastic about it..
n when they looked at me..
come on nieda! touch it!
i dunno wut do I looked at dat time..
pale maybe? perhaps?
sum would ask..
R U OK nieda?
sit down first.. u really looked like u r going to passed out..

then we had break at 12 noon..
class start back at 2pm..
now its Central Nervous System.. n we have to 'play with d brains..
d same thing d next day..
d morning session - respiratory system (we were arguing in dis session on which site of dlung should be on d posterior part.. n soo.. finally Pue managed to make all of us understands about the real location of d lung in d bosy)

d afternoon session...
d guys were like..
going crazy bout it..
they gave us have a look on d lower part of d body..
of a male and female..
n they were like..
which is dat.. where is dis.. ( sorry.. couldn't mentioned d exact words that they use.. :) just think dat words like 'cli***ris' might offended sum peoples)
n d lecturer even told us about G spot!!
its funny..
the guys were like..
exploring d female lower part diligently.. they said its for learning..
at sum parts n times.. I think I was blushing.. coz its kinda embarassing for us girls..

n during d 2nd day break at noon.. I met with nidu and Ili.. (old friends form school)
they were students there..

oooohh.. I forgot..
I've watched wolverine last saturday..
n Hugh Jackman is soooooo damn hot..
so do DANIEL HENNEY.. ( agent zero)
although henney played d villain role...
He's seriously hot in it..
n d movie is quite good actually..
well.. from there.. we can like..
"owhh.. dats why his memory is vague in X men"
"owhh.. no wonder he acts like dat in X men"
well.. wut to say..
I'm a big fan of X men ( especially Storm)

n last nite.. Yin messaged me via YM..
he told me dat Deq Lah ( a friend of us in prep college) is going to get married..
on June 6th...
hahaha.. silly me..
n I though she was already married last 2 years..
She lied to me obviously..
I'm excited to attend her wedding reception...
its d first time for me attending a friend's wedding..
(well.. attended a lot of weddings but its all either family's or my parents' friends'/ kids)
Congrats Deq Lah!!!!
May u n ur hubby to be live happily together until ur last breath! ;) *wink*wink*

uh oh.. forgot...
Ika-chan gave me one of her amazing magazine to me..
she said its my present for answering sumthing in her blog..
Arigatou ne Ika-chan!!!

uh oh.. last 2 mondays.. went to Mid for sum business with an insurance agent there..
n SASA promo..
they had a pink MYVi..!!

uh oh.. forgot.. Tomok won OIAM.. n now he's a millionaire..
can I now.. be his biggest fan n dreams of having him as my bf???
muahahahaha.. he's filthy rich..
even though I'm not a big fan of him..
d heck..

OK.. I'm going back to Ipoh tomorrow morning..
yeay me!
for now..
lets called it a wrap.. :)