Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Filthy Rich

Peoples around me..
who stick with me long enough..
would have known my ideal type of man..
1st: he must be rich

one fine day..
a friend of mine talked to me about it..
she said that
It is better for us girls to have our own money by ourselves..
she told me to stop dreaming marrying a filthy rich man..
n start dreaming about making my own money..
deep in my heart..
I know.. she's true.. but I can't just forget about it.. hehe.. silly nieda..

when I am seriously emotionally unstable..
I would just sat...
n looked back at my life..
n from that..
I know why I dreamt of having a filthy rich husband..

I'm just an effing emotionally unstable 23 years old girl


Little Miss Nothing

Its kinda heartbreaking..
when u realized that..
peoples only know n remember u for what u have..
n not what u are..


I've pricked my heart

Luna Sea is undoubtedly one of the greatest JRock band ever.. period!
my favorite song... Rosier..
Sugizo is just amazing!
This performance is EPIC!

 Luna Sea - Rosier



As usual...
switched on my laptop..
n fools around..
but today..
I forgot to check out The Gazette's new single..
n it has been out since 26th Nov..
Which means..
I checked out their new song 2 weeks late..
gomen-ne Ruki-sama..
btw.. I think their new single Pledge is a 
lil bit soft for 'em..
I simply lurvesss it..
uruha's n aoi's guitar solo is awesome!

The GazettE - Pledge