Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shopaholic Takes Kerala..

7 girls from Bangalore..
n to b more specific..
7 shopaholics will go on a 5 days trip to Kerala!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glamorous Sky..

all of sudden..
I got dis yearning feeling on looking back n checking out Mika Nakashima's Glamorous Sky vid..
n off course.. youtube is d 1st place to search.. hahaha
(and there goes 3 hours wasted youtubing)
well.. Glamorous Sky is d soundtrack from Nana the movie..
an adaptation of manga of the same name by Ai Yazawa..
(Gosh.... I lurve d manga.. its about friendship and life)
and ironically..
dis song is d one dat made me fall in love with d visual kei scene..
(hahaha.. even tho' mika nakashima does not belong to the visual kei scene.. well.. hyde-sama wrote d song... n soo.. that was d trigger of my obsession over Visual Kei scene.. hahaha.. and Ika was like d catalyst)

Nana starring Mika Nakashima - Glamorous sky

the version sung by Hyde with VAMPS
(OMG... hyde is sooooo sexy in dis vid)

p/s: uhh ohh.. i don't do very well on my 1st paper.. good luck to all n wish me d best of luck!


Friday, March 12, 2010


Daily dose of Visual Kei
one more guy who are seriously pretty like a girl and extremely talented..
hahaha.. he just got a daughter last year..
just take a look and listen to his crazy hella good guitar skill


Try To Copy Me

gaga-ish or not..
this video is super hot..
its like d 2NE1 girls are having all d fun while acting all dorky n asked anyone to copy 'em if they have d courage..
now dats a real girl power! (^o^)v
n love d part where Dara shoot and chase d 2 stormtroopers.. EPIC! hahaha
n love d jungle part.. PRRRRAAHHHHH!!

Try To Copy Me/ Try To Follow Me [2ne1]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶
how I wish I can go back to the time where..
me & my sister will watch Mary Poppins over and over again until my mom will scold us..
"stop watching it over & over again.. or u'll ruin the tape"
n we will stop watching scared of d fact dat d tape might be ruined..
n after taking d Mary Poppins tape out..
we'll played the nursery rhyme tape (row, row, row ur boat.. humpty, dupmty.. etc)
and sing along to it.. :)

Wish me d best of luck!!
n pray for my success in my exam next monday!!


Monday, March 8, 2010


Just a couple of building dat i kinda like in Bangalore.. :)

a bungalow in front of BMJ hospital

Hard Rock Cafe India (the back)


Perfect Fitting?!

As we were waiting for our food to arrive at the Food Magic..
we saw dis particular interesting' event across the road..

they are trying sooo hard to tie the locker to a lorry which approximately is one size smaller then the locker..

if they were in Malaysia..

for sure.. they will already receive some tickets from d JPJ or pollice officer.. :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

OMG! no she's not.....!!!

into japanese boy band is she??????

hahahaha... dats kinda funny..

its not dat i'm fangirling over this boy band..

its just dat dis song is about loving ourself..

n its d soundtrack of one of the most hillarious japanese series i've watched..

Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge or The Wallflower..

hahaha.. just lurves d meaning of the song though.. although i'm gonna admit.. d songs quite catchy

Love Yourself (君が嫌いな君が好き) - KAT-TUN

Seasons go round again, a dazzling city
Everyone passes oblivious of you
That’s it, you shouldn’t care
It’s ok as long as you’re by my side

There’s no meaning in lining only kind words
They’re merely for form’s sake and have no contents

If you try changing a little the balance you feel
You will see how wonderful the world is

Love Yourself
Come on, don’t overdo yourself
As your heart is, as you are
Realize this love that can shine
I love this you that you hate

This clumsy you is alright
As you feel, as the wind
Dance in the sky just like a flower
I’ll embrace this you that you hate

It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF

If Ur crazy just again If it’s like a Paradise, then throw the dice U make me full
The sky is like a horror Don’t be shy xoxo the girl

Other people are not worth caring about
What’s important it’s your “here”
Now you don’t need something like a customary “Do your best”
Because that’s what hurts you the most

The seventh word is in your color
Because of that, everything will turn into a single dream

Love Yourself
That’s right, they’ll resound together
The little noises we’re playing
Raise this love we can believe in
I love this you that you hate

Both days when you’re almost crushing
And nights when you’re on the verge of fading
They’re crossing the sky, you will hear it
Far far away, listen, in this chest

I’m singing my love to you so that you would tell me
that you wanna be with me and I feel like… Ah ah

My love, your love My life, your life
This is the new, it’s a new world…

It’s a new world It starts to shine
As your heart it, as you are
Trust your eyes to me, I love this you that you hate

This clumsy you is alright
As you feel, as the wind
Dance in the sky just like a flower
I’ll embrace this you that you hate

It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It’s love, your love LOVE YOURSELF

and below is the funny and weird dance done by the leads of the drama..

hahahaha.. i know.. its funny


Thursday, March 4, 2010


daily dose of visual kei
(even though some ppl might said dat gackt's no longer belong to d visual kei scene)



Here in Bangalore..
people might have interpreted hols as d holi celebration..
u know..
d festival where u splash colored dust to peoples..
n uh huh..
after watching d festivals in hindustan movies..
i finally got d chance to watch how do they really do it last monday.. (1st march)
its not as festive as how it seems in d movie..
(hahahaha... as usual laa... in movies.. everything seem soo shiok)
some of the students in MS ramaiah campus celebrate it..
n they didn't wash the color off..
they just go on to class..
or through d day with various colours splashed on their face or shirt..
ok.. enough bout dat

HolssSS baby!!
(nih masalah minah pemalas yg x sdr diri exam tahap gler dh dkt tp msh ade mase nnk update blog)
many of us go back to malaysia..
n speaking truthfully from my heart..
i wanna go back too.. :(
we'll see wut happen..
(hahahaha.. mentang2 laa MARA dh masuk byk duit)
n some of 'em are going to Dubai


shopper's heaven..
(damn it.. tempting btol offer tuh)
42k rupee??
plus shopping expenses summore??
i cant go..
ok ok ok
just go n study 1st laa nieda..
after finish exam..
then only think about where could I go..

just around bangalore??
back home to malaysia??
or i might just do some crazy stuff..
bought myself a tix to japan!! or maybe london!!

hahahaha... stop dreaming n gos study laa nieda!!

pray d best for me..!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


hahaha.. falling all over again for this guy

Hyde of l'Arc~en~Ciel



Dear blog..

-I wish i can get my ass off my bed.. n my hand off my laptop n get on studying
-I wish i can understands n memorize everything once i read 'em
-I wish i can get out of dis messy head of mine
-I wish i have a very very very good soul mate who can really understands me n with whom i can share everything
-I wish i can stop being jealous of anyone who are a better person then me
-I wish i can stop eating so much and lose all dis excess baggage
-I wish i can stop being an emo
-I wish i can be a good Muslim
-I wish i can handle my stress better
-I wish i can be more strict n not being used by others anymore
-I wish i can stop overworking myself just for the sake of trying to fit in
-I wish my dad is going to be satisfied with me one day
-I wish i can load off all the stupid messy things in my head
-I wish people stop hating me
-I wish my relatives remember and consider me more
-I wish all of my friends would not forget me
-I wish i can stop being obsessed on trying to impress people
-I wish i can stop being so hard on myself
-I wish i can behave better
-I wish i can stop being a lazy loser
-I wish i can always be a positive thinker
-I wish i can be a person who would always think out of d box
-I wish i can stop bashing myself


Monday, March 1, 2010

My Deepest Desire

Purchase a good set of camera,
leave everything behind and travel the whole world
just simply be a stranger in new places..
taking things slow..
and take a whole lotta pics..