Monday, November 30, 2009

May Allah Bless Her..

when I got back from class today..
as usual..
turning on d laptop..
checking out FB..
n all of a sudden..
poi gaik n siong yi's status..
a girl from my school..
named syikin..
has just passed away last nite..
even tho i didn't really know her..
she's a really great person..
n dey said it was 'buatan orang' (sorcery... black magic)
n only Allah knows how to pay d person responsible back..
May Allah bless dis girl..



Sunday, November 29, 2009


dont have d mood to update d blog recently...
maybe coz there's nothing much to be told about..
class class class..
classes demands me for being studious..
d only things i'm interested in are:

CHANGE! CHANGE! hit me a.s.a.p PLEASE!!

peoples only realizes d importance of certain something when d chance is gone..

its kinda sucks when everything does not fall into their places..

its sucks when people are sooooo damn selfish..
n apart from that.. they called others annoying..
n d fucking ignorant does not even notice dat d people they called annoying have effing help 'em a lot

i hate myself who doesn't really speaks her mind..
i hate myself who is too soft to be rude to peoples..
i hate myself who is perfectly fine when peoples used her..
i hate effing immature peoples who thinks they're effing mature n right..

urghh.. i'll spent a lot of money when i'm pissed..
n thanx for certain effing people..
I've spent a lot here..

I am effing missing Malaysia n my family

fuck off effing manipulated selfish ignorant!

p/s: pardon me for my rudeness.. dis is d only place where I can effing wrote wut i felt.. will update later with all d pics.. for my 1st bday in Bangalore.. my 1st raya in Bangalore.. my shopping goes berserk in Bangalore..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is nothing but.......

it has been like decades since i've last updated my blog..
i've been held back by various things..
studying.. (well.. to be honest.. i havent done d studying dat much.. in fact.. supposedly.. i'm studying now for tomorrow class)

have u guys got any idea on wut d hell does d title meant??
d phrase is actually kinda fave phrase of d lecturers here.. ( i think)
well.. for example..
during the dissection class..
we were shown parts of human body ( urghh.. hate d formalin stench)
d lecturer.. his/her speech would go like dis..
"d *sumthing* muscle is nothing but d muscle dat conducts.. bla bla bla"
(erkkk.. i suck in anatomy)

well.. its november..
surprisingly.. it has been a month since i lived on a foreign land called bangalore..
n d weather is getting colder.. chillier..
well.. its only around 20 degree..
but still..
its cold..
for me.. at least..

I really dunt have any idea wut am i going to do about myself..
i slept a lot in class..
its not dat i want to..
its like.. i can't keep myself from accidently dozed off in class..
i've taken my breakfast..
drink my horlicks..
taken my brands pill..
but still..

oooh.. owhhh.. i forgot..
did I mentioned dat dey told me dat a guy in our lecture is actually a model in his childhood..
but seriously..
i kinda doubt it..
model susu F&N??? which CF?? didnt ring any bell

ooooh.. here's a lil thing...
ok.. among my classmates.. there are 3 girls who are borned in November..
its farah izza, aida n ME!!
farah's Bday on d 10th
aida's on 11th
n me on 14th.. :D (seriously.. i'm not trying to promote my bday here.. hehehehe) ( huhu.. its my 22nd bday.. n i'm celebrating it in a foreign land) [huwaaaaaaa... 22 sound really old]
n soo..
ayin, sya, budi, anis, dee, bong planned a surprise for us..
(even though ayin is in a state dat if i myself is in her place.. i will not get out of my bed)

Thanx GurlZ!! u guys r d best!!

n soo..

Happy Birthday Farah Izza!!
Happy Birthday Aida!!

OMG!! i just remember.. its November!!
New Moon!!!

hurmm.. well.. i guess i'll wait until december to watch new moon in Malaysia..

yeay me!!
i'm going back to Malaysia dis 18th December..
u guys must say things like
" laaaa.. baru je pegi hr tuh.. dh nk blk msia.. x smpi setaun pn lagi"
hahaha.. like I care..
its december..
d best month for Shopping!!!
Mega Sale in Malaysia..
who would want to miss dat?!?!?!

n off course..
i want to spend time with my family.. ( i know u might say i'm lame.. but d heck i care)
i didnt had d chance d last 2 weeks b4 my flight..

hurmm.. ok.. gotta go n study forensic medicine..
(had practicals tomorrow.. forced to do so.. even though i really want to sleep now)

maybe i'll continue dis weekend..

n ooh.. Gossip Girl season 3..!! OMG!! its kinda nasty.. hahahaha

wish me d best of luck.. i have a test on Anaemia dis 17th nov..

n I've like to share sum vids with u guys.. ;p

Korean Military doing the Gee n Sorry Sorry

Park Bom form 2NE1 with her new single - You & I

Lee Min Ho Cass Beer CF with Dara form 2NE1
(huwaaaa..... min ho came to Malaysia when I've already in India.. Oppa.. Saranghae )