Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sixth Sense anyone?

Brown Eyed Girls is back!
i just lurves this new song by them..
BTW.. they freakin' kill d song with d 3 parts high note done by Jea, Ga In n Narsha..
well.. some peoples said dat its just a whistling voice or something?
d heck..
i didn't study vocal..
but I just think dat its pretty awesome to be able to do that.. 
n damn.. they r HOT! :)

Sixth Sense by Brown Eyed Girls


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shining Star

At a certain point of my life..
I would just wish..
dat I can be good at certain something..
Shine with certain something..
finding my niche..
rather than wishing being good at everything..
which I know..
is kind of impossible for me..
but somehow..
I didn't even get to be good at one thing..
rather than shining..
it flopped..
let's just say..
I felt exactly d same as Clumsy Smurf..


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Asura Balbata

Holy %#*&!
Its already mid September...
Just tell me..
How couldn't d time passes more slowly..
instead it flies by..
just like a jet..
and without realising it..
my 2nd IA is in less than 2 weeks..
and as usual..
instead of studying..
I'm glued in front of my laptop.. doing everything..
except studying..

ok.. put 'em aside..
I am soooo in love with LeeSsang's Asura Balbata album..
d whole album is just EPIC
people mocked me..
for being so obsessed in korean and japanese pop culture..
what can I do?
they said that d japanese and korean are just copying d americans..
hello... there's hip-hop in every language..
there's RnB in every language..
there's Pop in every language..

just simply lurves d song and vid! :)
Turned off d TV - LeeSsang feat. Tasha & Kwon JungYeol of 10cm

Ook... I really have to force myself now..
I failed 2 of my paper in my 1st IA..
well.. I guess I'm not dat intelligent to be seating for an exam without studying..
ooooh... I forgot.. I am now... wearing.... wait for it... 

BRACES! (damn.. it really hurts! ;p)

and last but not least..

to whomever who still reads my crappy post..

let us change d world and be a better person! (I think I've been kinda outta my mind bcoz of d pain dis braces are giving me.. ;p)


Monday, September 5, 2011

Merdeka Raya!

holiday over already!
enjoy dis one.. a remake of american boy by kanye west.. 
done by malaysian..
Malaysian Boy