Thursday, May 31, 2012


India has a bout of protest around d country..
against d petrol price hike..
buses were burnt..
stones were thrown..
shops were shutdown..
colleges were given off..
n soo..
we had a surprise off day..
a day off from OBG!!!
yeay us!!
deep down..
"janganlah Malaysia turns out to be like dis in d future"
which are once said to be sharped as a sword..
seems doesn;t have d effect anymore..
peoples nowadays.. 
just don't know how to use them..

lurves dis song by Yuna..
Sparkle by Yuna

You make me sick in a lot of ways
Make me smile always
I'm just really into
Having this chase
Kept my eyes open everytime
Falling for you is a crime
We let sparks go off
This time

Oh oh
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Having you
This time
[ Lyrics from: ]
I see it in the steps you take
I hear it in the sounds you make
I'm just really into
Having a taste
Remind me how we got this far
Remind me how we fell apart
Oh I can't give you
That space in my heart


And then we fall asleep.

I'm the one
Whos always in the way
But you got me
Hoping for more more more
I'm here to stay
As though I am always there
As though I had never left

Oh oh
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Spendin time
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
I sure don't mind
I sure don't mind
Getting hurt again


Friday, May 25, 2012

Gulab Jamun?

whew.. its been ages since i wrote.. 
well.. it seems dat my life has gotten that much dull huh?
hahaha.. paranoia much..
n soo..
i was posted in d hellish department again.. 
it was tiring..
but yesterday..
while waiting for d big Doc to come to d clinic..
i have a lil' chat with a patient's mum..
d patient was 26 and has just given birth to a heathy baby boy..
her mom is 42..
n she has become a grandmom..
a cool 42 years old grandma..
and then she had complaint dat if only her daughter get married while she was 18/19..
she would have had grandkids by d time she's 34..
n soo..
i told her.. 
common.. u r not dat old... 
u r only 42..
my mom's 51..
and she doesn't have any grandkids yet...
n soo..
came out d jackpot question..
"why dont u get married now? u r already 25.. dats kinda old already"
and my answer.. while trying really hard to laugh it off..
"i dont have the suitable candidates"

pity my mom laa.. 
i hope she's not dat desperate for grandkids like this auntie

uhh.. ohh.. 
i have been asked whether I am form Iran..
which part of me is Iran enough for ppl to get confused like dat???
my slanted eyes????
my small nose with a bridge which is not one of d features dat i'm proud of??

i started watching Fairy Tail..
n sooo lurving it.. 
i dorve hilux like a boss during my trip back in Malaysia!!!

uhh.. ohh..
6 of my Nakama has gotten married during d holiday..

uhh.. ohh..
i am now officially in love with stories from ancient egypt, greek, rome
thanx a lot Michelle Moran!