Friday, April 9, 2010

Complex.. Sugoii!

"Bitter heart, bitter heart tries to keep it all inside,
Bitter heart, bitter heart shadows will help you try to hide,
Bitter heart, my bitter heart is gettin' just a little fragile,
Bitter heart, bitter heart of mine."
bitter heart- Zee Avi

i'm sure dat most of us if not all have ever felt d way how d lyrics are narrated..
since I was small..
Its kinda hard for me to find a place and friends where I can really fit in..
I'll ended up hurt and disappointed..
so.. through out my life..
I am kinda used to d feeling of being disappointed..
its up to the point where sometimes I think dat suicide might be d best answer..
Sometimes.. i think i'm kinda incapable of hoping anymore



What defines a person's holiday?
Having a break from all d chaotic life and just take times to relax leisurely at home?
Went back home and spend quality time with family & friends?
Go and have some fun in the sun with friends?
Being chased by an elephant, instead of watching elephants in their natural habitat?
Go out all days.. shopping, partying and doing all d hoola baloo thingy with friends/ strangers?
whatever it is.. everyone have their own choices on how they want to spend their holidays..
as for me..
In my efforts of being a better, mature and responsible adult..
I tried to teach myself to not being soo homesick-ly and decided that I will not going back to Malaysia..
(well.. that's a part of the reason.. I'm also trying to prove to my dad that I can be far away from home for more than 3 months)
and so.. I've spent 6 days touring around Kerala along with 6 of my shopaholic girlfriends..
to be fair.. I'll say dat d place dat we visited in Kerala is similar to Malaysia in one way or another..
as example.. we went to Munnar Hill which is similar to Cameron Highland in a way dat they're both highlands and have a lot of tea plantation..
but Munnar is huge...
its beautiful..
n d forest there is quite different from the forest dat we have in Malaysia and Bangalore..

after d problematic 10 hours bus ride - our 1st attempt in riding public transport going interstate in India(we're 45 minutes late and d bus has already gone.. but overall.. the service is OK)
we arrived in Kerala.. where we went to d agent's office to settle all d payment..
n at about 4.30 am we began our long journey to Munnar..
it took us 4 hours to reach Munnar..
it was worth it..
and I have to say that all the breathtaking scenery has already taken all my stress away..
snap.. snap.. snap!!
camwhoring session all the way..
we were in Munnar for 2 nights..
stayed in Deshadan Mountain resort..
its located on one of d Munnar Hills peak..
n after Munnar..
d next location in our itinerary is Allepey..

Kerala - God's own country <-- as called by d locals is really famous with its backwater..
i cant really seem to find the right malay words for backwater.. muara perhaps?
d houseboat is really nice.. kinda superb I think..
to think that a 3 standard 3 star hotel room can be fitted onto a boat is kinda amazing.. well.. apart from d really hot weather..
d cruise was kinda calming and relaxing..
we only spent 1 night in d houseboat..

and then off we went to thrivandrum for a beach getaway..
at the Kovalam Beach..
we stayed in a 4 star hotel.. Uday Samudra Beach Resort..
d hotel is super fine.. but d beach is just OK for me..
well.. its kinda hard to impressed 7 malaysian girls whom have witnessed heavenly beautiful beaches with golden sands back in Malaysia aight?!
hehehehe... spent 2 nights there.. ate a whole lot of seafoods.. including LOBSTER!!
n malang x berbau..
3 of us have to be admitted to hospitals due to poisoning on our last day there.. but we refused coz we have a bus to catch dat evening..
n so.. they were only given 3 bottles of IV drip.. hehehe..
were late again.... for our bus..
fortunately.. our mr driver @k@ guide managed to stop the bus just in time..
urghh.. 15 hours in bus.. n d road is like jalan kampung in Malaysia..
n d driver keeps on driving rashly..
d results ----- NAUSEA AND VOMITTING!!!!!
being as the weird one in d group is kinda party pooper moment..
so.. sorry girls if I've ever ruined ur holiday mood during our trip..
in short.. except for all d mishaps.. I seriously enjoy the trip! ;)