Monday, September 24, 2012


Once upon a time..
when I was 20..
young and rebellious..
something happened..
and it broke my heart..
even though I said I'm OK..
perfectly fine..
without realising it..
I'm sulking..
all by myself..
in my own little world..
I denied it..
it was bad..
real bad..
dat I didn't bother to call home for almost 2 months..
lets just hope..
I would never do dat kind of things again


1 comment:

Ikster said...


2010 I wanted to go to Japan but my parents won't let me.

I sulk then but later turned out it was good that I didn't go because I needed the money for something else.

Sometimes things don't go your way now because later something else happen that'll make you think "maybe it's good I didin't get to do that".

Just be positive that something better will and is going your way.

Remember, we can plan but He make things happen.