Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ramzan 1433H

and without realising..
we've come to d 22nd day of fasting..
and as per my my culture.. 
peoples are looking forward to syawal..
which means..
d end of Ramadhan..
for me..
Syawal brings about a mixture of feelings..
the happiness to celebrate it with family and friends..
and the sadness to live the blissfull Ramadhan..
and I haven't done anything much dis Ramadhan..
ok then.. 
lets hope for d best..
for all d Muslims out there..

as next year gonna be my final year in MBBS (oooh... dat sounds scary)
i have a hunch dat dis raya is gonna be my last raya..
before starting d oh-so-hectic-life of a doctor.. (Inshaallah)
and soo..
I'm quite determined to kutip all d 'duit raya' this time..
it might be d last time for me..
(huwaaa... I'm dat old already????)

and so..
d things dat we anticipate when Raya comes.. 
(oh.. 'Raya' is Eid-ul-Fitri for Malaysian)
includes the Raya Clothes, Raya delicacies, Raya cookies, Raya ads, Duit Raya (Money Gifts), etc..
and soo.. 
here are some of the Raya ads in Malaysia
this one suits my feeling d best at d moment..

Short movie 'Strangers' by Petronas

well this one makes makes me shed tears..

The Journey by Bernas

and this one cracks me up.. 
d kiddo with the spec and school uniforms on..
looks excatly like my youngest bro..
even the way they talk and laugh is d same..

The Meaning of Ramadhan by Maxis

and soo.. 
here are our regards..
from Bangalore with Love.. 
(hehehe.. even though more than half of the persons in dis pictures are going back for Raya... including me..)




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nZaOdonut said...

SELAMAT HARI RAYA...MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN jugak tuk awk d sana yep :)

raya nti mai umah ak Nieda...hehehe